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Stikwood Featured in People and E! Online!

Stikwood was chosen as a feature design element in the nursery of celebrity mom Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum. The Reclaimed Weathered Wood was used to create a feature wall in little Fordham's nursery. Ashley was personally involved in the selection (and even the installation) of the Stikwood. As the designer for the room, Vanessa Antonelli said in the article in People, "Ashley knew exactly what she wanted and worked with me to choose the pieces that went into the room. But even more surprising was that she is a little contractor! Ashley actually put up most of that Stikwood wall all by herself.”..  - Read More

Caramel is back for a limited time only! Only $6 a sf. Get it before it's gone!

  Just like it sounds, caramel is smooth and warm. American Maple is the main ingredient in this environmentally friendly product. An abundant resource cherished for its calm understated appearance. 1/8” thick 5” wide 4 foot charges (may vary in length, 1 to 4 foot pieces) Peel and Stik installation Airpure™ natural finish  - Read More

Why Reclaimed Wood?

      The number of hands that come in contact with the wood from harvest to finish is utterly astounding. Most people may be unaware of the origins of reclaimed wood and which properties make it so special. Reclaimed wood is generally found in older buildings or structures such as barns, farmhouses, fences and essentially any building that is set to be torn down. The wood is then taken to be repurposed and reutilized for uses such as furniture, wall paneling, flooring and beams for new or remodeled homes.     “It’s like going to a museum. There’s this..  - Read More

He's a Rock Star!

Check out this awesome video by Stikwood Customer Adam Holtz!    - Read More

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