3 Time Saving Ideas for Your Next Project

With each project deadlines can vary greatly, but on occasion there is no option but to move fast. Last minute design changes, occupation date adjustments and vendor problems may all impact how quickly something needs to be finished. As the saying goes, “time is money” which means that finishing a project on schedule isn’t a want, but a need. To help speed up a project, there are a handful of different tactics that can be used.

Have the Right Material Library on Hand

To move quickly, it’s important to have a large selection of design materials on hand. From walls to ceilings to flooring, there are plenty of options to consider when specifying a new design. Some projects require rustic materials while others need modern, clean options. Having an expansive material library is the first step to being able to make quick decisions on a project.

Being able to hold a sample in your hand allows you to feel the texture, better understand the tones and picture it as part of your vision. In the case of Stikwood, samples help to show the thin, flexible structure that makes it perfect for quick installation. Or, Woodwöl tile samples help to showcase the variety of patterns, depths and colors that the collection comes in. The list of benefits for having samples on hand goes on and on.

To expand your sample library, reach out to us today and we’ll send you everything you need to make quick design decisions.

Pick Easy-to-Install Materials

After a concept is designed and products are ordered, speed is in the hands of the installers and the general contractors. But, some materials are easier to install than others. When picking materials for walls and ceilings it’s helpful to consider how many steps are involved, what tools are needed, the experience level of the installer and the installation method.

Tongue and groove engineered wood can be perfect for areas that need increased durability or peel and stick wood options, while untraditional, are incredibly fast to install and require minimal tools and experience. In the case of more elaborate designs, pre-built tiles can reduce installation time drastically. Similarly, using signage or beams that are constructed to drop into place can shrink a timeline from weeks to days.

Get the Conversation Started Early

When a concept with a quick turnaround time lands on your desk, it’s best to get a conversation started with your material vendor ASAP. With the right support from your Account Representative the process from design to ordering to installation can be quick and painless. Plus, when you connect with your rep, you will have access to even more information, promotions and benefits. Take the first step apply to become a partner of Restoration Theory or contact us today.