4 Reasons To Use Real Wood in a Commercial Office

Large, commercial office buildings have developed a bad rap in recent decades. When people think of office spaces, they often think of cold, sterile, uninviting cubicles. Rarely are these spaces associated with positive energy or creativity and that’s due in part to the way they are constructed. Harsh fluorescent lighting and synthetic materials make the spaces hard to bear. Fortunately, the use of real, natural materials can quickly transform a barren office into a warm, welcoming environment while also providing a number of other benefits. Below are four key reasons to use real wood in a commercial office:

With so much time spent at work, it’s important that office environments do what they can to aid in an employee’s health. Unfortunately, many common building materials have plenty of chemicals, carcinogens and other toxins laced throughout them. If these pollutants are used in an office space they can be emitted into the air making it less healthy for the occupants. While these substances are microscopic, they pollute indoor air, aggravate allergies, and adversely impact health. Sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, salvaged metal, recycled glass, and VOC-free reclaimed wood products, like Restoration Theory’s product lines, forego harmful toxins to create optimal indoor air quality and a healthier environment.

Sustainable materials are a great option when it comes to protecting the environment because they conserve resources, save energy and reduce overall waste. By using real wood in office spaces, sustainability is encouraged because where one tree is used, another can be planted. In addition, reclaimed wood products have the benefit of being made from recycled products which minimizes overall waste.

Studies have shown that nature can help to lower stress, improve concentration and heighten creativity. By using natural materials, like reclaimed wood, in an office it's possible to introduce some of these same positive effects. This ideology is so popular that it has even led to the creation of biophilic design because ultimately, nature can make people feel happier which can in turn benefit office environments and overall office output.

Wood is a great option for an office because it is durable, reliable and sturdy. For example, reclaimed wood is regularly taken from old barns, farmhouses, and mills where it has had the chance to mature meaning the products produced from this wood are stable in varying temperatures and moisture levels. Sustainable materials also tend to require less maintenance, fewer repairs, and infrequent replacement, giving you more bang for your buck when compared with traditional materials.

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