4 Steps to Create A One-of-a-Kind Hospitality Concept

Exceptional hospitality design is all about storytelling as shown by Creative Supply’s  Hospitality Concept Framework. Each guest that sets foot in a hotel should be able to understand its story and feel its personality. Just think about the glamor and exceptional customer service of a Ritz-Carlton, or the warm, homey chocolate chip cookies at a DoubleTree. These brands create an intentional environment with each element of their design that expands all the way from the lobby to the highest suites.

Create Your Story

There are hundreds of thousands of hotels spread out across the world which means each guest has countless potential options for their next stay. While some people will be drawn to low prices and convenient locations, many guests put their focus on the full experience. They’re looking for a hotel that makes them feel something and draws them in.

Take The Lodge at Edgewood, Tahoe as an example. They’ve created a space that feels natural and relaxing but with an upscale tone. The use of real reclaimed wood and stone materials will draw in guests who are looking for a retreat that feels inline with their other outdoor activities.

Envision Your Identity

Once you have a story, you’ll need to connect it to the hotel’s identity. That’s where the warm DoubleTree cookies come into play. DoubleTree’s slogan is “Come for a stay and see how nice travel feels” and they use their warm chocolate chip cookies to create that feeling for their guests even at a sensory level.

To really solidify a hotel’s identity every sensory experience needs to be considered and elements including music and signage should be cohesive. The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto showcases this perfectly with their coffee bar. A mediocre hospitality design would have made the coffee bar an afterthought, but the Westin Harbour Castle makes it a clear representation of their identity.

Find Your People

Without people, there are no guests, no employees, no need for a beautiful hotel. The people connected to your design must mesh with the story and the identity that has been created. Not every hotel design will feel like the perfect match for everyone. Every person has their own unique needs and styles so it is important to know who you plan to serve.

For example, there’s no use in creating a traditional, old-fashioned environment if your ideal target is working professionals. This modern hotel lobby featuring Woodwöl embodies this concept perfectly. The room design is unique and modern, making it perfect for the people it serves.

Design Your Space

Once the above elements are considered, you’ll have the chance to really think about your space - both the way it flows and the way it looks. The look of the hotel should match the story of the hotel and the people that will inhabit it. For each area created, the materials used should be adjusted to enhance the use of the space.

Consider the following hotel room shown in a variety of real wood finishes. Each custom color creates a different look and feeling. In hotel’s where the story has a contemporary spin, Modern Brown might be the right look but in hotels situated in the countryside, Rustic Brown might be the better choice.

At Restoration Theory, we understand how important storytelling is which is why we created a line of hospitality-focused real, reclaimed wood finishes. Interested to learn more?