5 Versatile Ways to Use Real Wood

Many buildings utilize wood in one of three ways - structure, flooring or furniture. But, wood, and its many finishing methods, has the capacity to be used in far more ways. With the right product, there are countless options for using wood on walls, ceilings, and more. Below we’ll discuss five versatile ways to use real wood in your next design.

1. Wall Covering

Wood walls are often thought to be synonymous with rustic cabins or shabby chic shiplap, but modern adaptations show real, reclaimed wood as a focal point in commercial offices, modern hotels and chic restaurants. In other words, wood walls are not limited to any singular design style or trend.

For commercial, or high-traffic spaces, Planklogic tongue and groove engineered wood planks are an amazing option for a quick and easy wood wall installation. Available in 35+ colors, plank options range from reclaimed wood to smooth, contemporary, vertical grain bamboo.

2. Ceiling

The ceiling represents another great option for real wood, especially when using Stikwood peel and stick planks. The lightweight, thin design makes installation simple and easy-to-do. With minimal tools needed, a whole ceiling can be redone in a day. Plus, the peel and stick installation method makes intricate designs and ceiling insets possible.

3. Radius-Wrapping

Wood is pliable and bendable by nature so when it is cut into thin smartly engineered planks, like Stikwood, the material can be molded to fit different design concepts. Take the above image as an example; real wood is used to blend together the wall and the ceiling, making a dramatic and unique hallway.

Accomplishing radius wrapped designs like this does require skill and experience, but there is a huge cost savings due to the fact Stikwood doesn’t need any additional modifications to fit a radius or curve. The same peel and stick installation method can be used for radius designs as with traditionally installed Stikwood. Plus, it can be applied to any substrate in any pattern like chevron or herringbone.

4. Custom Signage

Wood that’s been custom printed is an amazing option for company signage and branding. On walls or welcome desks, InstaGrain wood planks can show any logo, photo or phrase in any color on the pantone scale. Plus, the custom options allow for printing at any size and it is even possible to wrap a wall. Wood signage is also a biophilic design option that adds warmth and an impressive first look to any space.

5. Beams

Nowadays, beams are so much more than a structural element. They can be used to add texture and interest to any ceiling. Plus, the finish of beams is no longer limited by the strength of the wood used because u-shaped engineered beams and cladded beans are more and more common. These processes make beams more light-weight and therefore easier to install while still being cost-effective.Restoration Timberoffers a full range of custom beam options that shows this versatility.