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Reclaimed Wood Wall Entryway | Go Haus Go

We have this weird bumpout in the entryway (to hide our HVAC ductwork, see below, where the Covington poster resides) that also needed some attention. My first instinct was to ignore/hide it, but as I lived with it for awhile, I realized calling attention to it, not hiding it, might be a really fun way to bring some interest to the room. The idea is to fake it being an architectural element of the house, even though it’s just drywall framed over house guts. We can make it look like a support beam or an fireplace or just SOMETHING other than a drywalled bumpout.

I immediately turned to Stikwood. Have you heard of them? Stikwood is essentially peel and stick 100% wood, designed to make projects like these super simple. Each plank is about 3/18″ thin, which means no heavy machinery, heavy nails and big anchors needed to create the popular wood accent wall, island, ceiling, etc. They are not kidding when they say PEEL AND STICK. It’s made from reclaimed and sustainable wood sources.

I’ve had them pinned to my boards forever, so I sent them an email, as bloggers do, telling them my idea. While this isn’t an official partnership per se (meaning I’m not getting paid, and I didn’t get anything for free) I did get a discount from them to help with the cost. Stikwood is not cheap, but for me, the benefits of this product far outweigh the expense. I’ll share more on that throughout the process, too.




To get started on the Stikwood selection process, they sent me a box of wood samples so I could see the ranges of choices.



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