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5 Times Vertical Wood Wall Decor Elevated the Room

Horizontal may be the layout du jour for wood wall decor, but it’s not the only way to make wood wall planks work. Mounting peel and stick wall decor vertically lends walls and other interior surfaces added structure, height, and a visual spectacle, unlike any other orientation. For proof, take a look at these five transformative and transfixing displays of vertical wood wall decor.

Integrated Island

Vertical wood wall decor adorns the bar at this We Work facility in Berkeley, California.

The vertical wood wall decor installed on the island of this transitional kitchen and living room beautifully complements the long and lanky silhouette of the bar stools, pendant lights, chandelier, and nearby pillars to lend a striking visual symmetry to the space. What is more, the wood wall decor on the island unifies all of the other rustic notes in the modern farmhouse-style space, such as the hardwood floors, tables, and the wood plank wall decor on the soffits. This way, the kitchen island feels integrated with, rather than isolated from, the remainder of the room.

Window to the Woods

Vertical wood wall decor accentuates windows in a small but cozy room.When most people think of window dressings, curtains and blinds come to mind. But did you know that wood wall decor can just as effectively be used to accentuate windows? In this sun-soaked living room, vertical wood wall decor installed on a single wall offers dual benefits of making the floor-to-ceiling windows look grander and adding visual variety to the otherwise monochromatic space. At the same time, the back-to-nature inspired Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray patina of the decorative wood wall serves as a callback to the woodland that lies mere steps beyond the room.

Raisin’ the Roof

This neutral vertical wood wall decor looks modern and fresh when paired with brightly colored textiles in this game room.The unconventional angles of slanted ceilings ordinarily make the rooms they shelter look even smaller. But thanks to the Hamptons wood wall decor installed on the back wall of this sitting room, claustrophobia is never a concern. The combination of vertical wood wall decor with a sunken armchair and a low-profile lamp actually draws the eye upward to the dart board and window to make the space look loftier and grander than its dimensions would suggest.

Canopy of Dreams

This reclaimed weathered wood vertical wood wall decor has added texture and dimension to an inverted ceiling.

While angled tray ceilings are coveted for their dimensional quality, monochromatic color schemes tend to diminish their depth, leaving you with a ceiling that looks more or less flat from a distance. Not so with this cleverly oriented Reclaimed Weathered Wood angled tray ceiling. Thanks to the use of multi-toned vertical wood wall decor on the sloped edges of the ceiling, and horizontal wood plank wall decor on the “tray,” walking through the bedroom feels like strolling beneath a canopy of age-old trees—not a bad way to wind down before bed!

Bar with a Twist

Weathered wood white wood wall decor keeps this wet bar looking fresh and fun.

The effervescent personality of this bar doesn’t come from the bubbly behind the counter, but rather the Reclaimed Weathered Wood White plank peel and stick wall decor on the front. When coupled with the elongated bar stool legs, the decorative wood wall, and the barn-style bar cabinets, the vertical wood wall decor serves as a linear counterpoint to the round bar stool cushions, the barrel head wall decor, the curved bar counter, and the arched molding that adorns it. The result is straight up mesmerizing, whether you’re a martini maven or a teetotaler.

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