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Bohemian Designs

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: Design Log

Bohemian is one of the most flexible, creative interior design styles there is. With many natural elements, diverse cultural influences and colorful additions, achieving your own bohemian design is easier than you may think. Learn how to create your own bohemian-inspired space with these tips.

Up the Greenery

When incorporating bohemian style in your home, the more natural elements, the better. Reclaimed wood walls, lush hanging baskets and bountiful indoor trees are perfect additions for this design style. Don’t want the hassle of watering your plants? Stock up on some plastic replicas. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Find Inspiration in Global Cultures

What’s one of the best parts about bohemian inspiration? It can come from anywhere! While many bohemian spaces include elements of Moroccan, Indian and Persian cultures, you can choose any country in the world to incorporate it into your space. Even better, this interior design style’s eclectic nature means these influences don’t necessarily have to match.

Color, Color and More Color

Bohemian is the epitome of colorful and bright interior design. Choose a few of your favorite bold colors to incorporate into your space. Many people choose fuchsia, yellows and oranges for their designs, but you can choose any color combination, just make sure it’s vibrant.

See how some designers have used Stikwood to create their bohemian spaces below!


M&P Design Group created this bohemian bedroom design using Reclaimed Weathered Wood. The addition of bold pillows, patterned folding chairs and plant accents really brings out the eclectic nature of this design style.


There's no shortage of natural elements in this bohemian living room design. Reclaimed Weathered Wood White walls, numerous green shrubs and pops of colorful flowers enhance this unique design by Layne Jones.

Have your own bohemian design using Stikwood? We'd love to see! Share your space and we’ll try to feature your work on our social channels.


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