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Determining How Much to Order

By: Steve Worth
Posted In: Design Log

In order to order Stikwood you need to know how many square feet you need (the number on the product page is in square feet, not boxes). 1 square foot is exactly what it sounds like; a square that measures 12 inches high and wide. We recommend measuring the height and width of your wall in inches, then converting the final number to feet at the end. To do this you just divide by 144 (the number of square inches in 1 square foot). Sound complicated? It's actually pretty easy. Check out this tutorial. If you want us to do it for you, no problem! Reach out to us on our website or via email at support@stikwood.com.

Step 1—Measure Width and Height

Measure the entire width of your project wall (in inches). Do the same for the height of you project wall. Write down the number.

Step 2—Calculate Your Square Footage

Multiply the width by the height. Take that number and divide by 144. This number is the square footage of your wall.


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