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Easy DIY Wood Walls

Easy DIY wood walls start with Stikwood - The world’s first Peel-and-Stik, simple-to-install, reclaimed and sustainable wood planking. It's been our goal to make the design process as easy as possible for any DIY project or renovation.

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Kitchen & Dining

The central gathering place for your guests has to look and feel the best! Stikwood makes for a great backsplash, accent wall, cupboard surface and island features. No matter the place in your kitchen, Stikwood will provide an extra splash of character that you'll love.

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Living Rooms

The place we go to unwind and relax and where soft colors and natural materials play an important role. Stikwood’s natural beauty enhances the comfort level of any living room. Whether you’re looking to add it to a fireplace, or an accent wall, Stikwood makes the perfect pair for your living room update.

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Incorporating Stikwood into a bedroom is like the cherry on top of a sundae. Whether you’re planning for a nursery, a teen bedroom or the master suite, that organic feel adds a perfect touch to the entire space. 

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Man Caves & Bars

All the fun happens in the man cave! Apply Stikwood to your high top tables, set behind flat screen TVs or accented against a bar front. Whichever area you choose, it will be that one space that will have people 'oohing' and 'aahing' over your latest update!


Start Your DIY Wood Wall with Stikwood!

The best way to start is with our samples! Look at them, touch them, set them against a wall and let your imagination run wild.


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