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Your 3-Step Guide on How to Install Stikwood

Stikwood makes installing wood feature walls and ceilings easier than ever before. The thin, real wood planks are easy to cut, have their own adhesive backing, and are easy to install for a total DIY dream-come-true.

Our peel and stick real wood planks are the perfect compliment to any home refresh project, created with you in mind. Before your shipment of Stikwood arrives, prepare yourself by watching our step-by-step instructions below.

How to Install Stikwood:

1. Planning Your Stikwood Install and Preparing Your Space

First and foremost, make sure you have the following things ready for Stikwood install day:

  • Measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A saw (we recommend an electric chop saw, but any saw will work!)
  • A step stool or ladder

Before removing the adhesive peel from the back of the Stikwood planks, unwrap the wood and allow it to acclimate for at least 24 hours before installing.

  • Be sure the surface has been painted or primed. If painting before installing, ensure that the paint is completely dry for at least 4-5 days before installing.
  • Dry-wipe the surface to clear away any loose dirt or dust. Remove all debris including nails from the wall.

2. Setting the First Plank

Ceilings aren’t always straight, so it’s best to create your own level line to work off of when you first start.

  • Start by measuring 25" down from the ceiling and marking a few spots across the wall. Make a line all the way across with a level for your "reference line".
  • Remove the adhesive strips off of the back of the plank and place one above the reference line and one below the reference line in a staggered position. (See video above)
  • Use your J-Roller across the face of the board. Be sure to use a good amount of pressure. Our adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive and relies on this pressure.

DIY TIP: Stikwood planks can be applied vertically, horizontally or in a pattern such as chevron or herringbone.

3. Cut, Place, Stik, Repeat.

Continue to install each plank working off of your reference line. Think of it as a puzzle, but from the inside to the outside edges!

You may have to rip the boards widthwise in order to fit the top or bottom of your space.

SEE: Ripping to Width

Watch your project comes to life, plank by plank. Below are a few tips to remember when installing Stikwood:

  • Lay out all of your boards on the floor to get an idea of which plank you’d like to place where.
  • It’s best to work one row of planks at a time. Avoid having to wedge a board in between two boards.
  • Avoid gaps by placing each board closely next to one another.
  • As the installation progresses, be sure to properly plan for any outlets or vents that permanently live on your wall.
  • Don’t throw away the scraps or short boards from your cuts just yet. You may need them later to complete your design.
  • Take a step back after every few planks, so you don’t lose sight of the overall design.
  • Lastly, have fun! Ask the family to join and make a day out of it. You’ll be proud of your accomplishment!

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Let Your Designs Shine!

We love seeing the creative designs you create. Share your masterpiece with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Still have questions? Contact us at 866-226-8354, we love talking Stikwood!



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