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How to Start

Ready to start your Stikwood transformation? Once your wood is acclimated and your wall is clean, dry and dust free, it's time to Stikwood. The first thing is to draw your reference line and set your first two rows. Here is a quick tutorial.

Before You Start!

Wood has a tendency to behave like a natural humidifier. It absorbs moisture from the air when it’s humid and then releases the water back into the environment as the air becomes drier. That's why it's important to acclimate Stikwood to the environment that it'll live in. When you acclimate the wood planks, you’re allowing the wood to balance itself out before you put it on the wall. This ensures that the wood will not drastically expand or contract after it’s been installed. The steps are really easy! Take your wood panels out of the box, unwrap them, and lay them out in the room for 72 hours. The great thing about this acclimation period is that it gives you the time to start planning out your Stikwood design before you apply it to the wall.

Step 1—Make a mark 20˝ Down From the Ceiling.

Measure 20" from the ceiling. Our peel and stick planks are typically 5 inches wide, so this will allow you to fit 4 planks aboce the line and makes setting your first plank roughly eye level so it is easier to start.

Step 2—Draw Your Level Reference Line

Using a level, draw a line across your wall starting at your 20˝ mark.

Step 3—Place Your First Planks

Remove the adhesive strips off of the back of the plank and place on the reference line. Roll over the plank with the J roller. We use a pressure sensitive adhesive and requires enough pressure to ensure contact. Repeat this step placing planks below and above your reference line until you have finished your first two rows and a nice level pattern. Make sure to stagger the boards.



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