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Installing Stikwood Over Tile

When Stikwooding you will probably hit a row where the existing planks are two wide and will nee 'ripped to width' so they fit. This is normally the last row if an install. Don't worry, you won't need a table saw like most wall panels. Because Stikwood thin and lightweight, you can easily cut it with a jigsaw (some people even use a utility knife). The tutorial below walks you through ripping a plank to width.

Step 1—Clean the Tile

Before starting your project, you will need the tile to be clear of dirt and grime so that the Stikwood can properly adhere. Start by using a lint-free rag and a tile cleaning solution. Dampen the rag with the solution.

Step 2—Draw a Reference Line

Use a level to draw your reference line. Details on how to find your reference line can be found in Starting Your Project.



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