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Installing Switches and Outlets

Stikwood's light, thin design makes installing around outlets and switches easy. Cutting our material isn't hard and you won't need any complicated spacers or trips to the store for longer screws etc. Check out this tutorial.

Step 1—Turn the Breaker Off

Since you are working with electric, it is important to turn off the electricity to the outlet or switch that you're working around. To ensure that the power is all the way off, go to your breaker and flip the switch to the room you're working in.

Step 2—Remove the Faceplate

Remove face plate by loosening screws and pull switch out ½ inch away from the wall.

Step 3—Loosen Switch Screws

Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws on the switch.

Step 4—Use Scrap Stikwood as a Spacer

Place a small 1/2” scrap piece of Stikwood under the switch tabs as a spacer.

Step 5—Determine Cuts

Determine where to cut Stikwood by marking where your notch will be and mark your cross cut.

Step 6—Cut Stikwood to Marks

Cut Stikwood to match measurements using a utility knife or any of the other tools shown. Before removing the adhesive strips, dry fit your piece around the switch. Install planks until all four sides of the outlet are covered.

Step 7—Install Stikwood and Replace Faceplates

Place screws back into switch to install and then install faceplate of switch to finish. Depending on your switch or outlet, there is a possibility that you may need longer screws to install.



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