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Is Your Business Screaming for Wood Wall Boards?

Appearance is crucial to a brick-and-mortar business, and sometimes it can give you the edge you need to get noticed among the competition. Wood wall boards are a versatile option, managing to look clean and classic or warm and rustic, depending on the design.

Give Your Business a Facelift

We all know that hip restaurants and weathered wood planks go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you own another type of business, you’ll find that wood walls add just the right element to make your space stand out as well.      


Photo Credit: Amanda Gallaher Orthodontics | Reclaimed Weathered Wood White

Wood Walls in a Health Care Practice

There’s nothing more depressing than sitting in a cold, bare waiting room. Patients on their way to visiting a doctor or dentist are already a little stressed out from worries about their symptoms, missing work for the appointment, or being able to cover the bill. So what can you do to help them relax?
Try decorating your waiting room with natural elements in a soothing color palette. Use wood wall boards to create an accent wall that warms up the space, or add a sense of fun with a pleasant painted wood plank wall covering.

Reclaimed Sierra Silver

Weathered Wood for a Hair Salon

Your salon decor makes an impression on a potential client long before a stylist even picks up a pair of scissors. Just like having an outdated haircut would be bad advertising for your business, having outdated interior design in your salon makes customers subconsciously wonder if your hairstyles are also behind the times.
“Warm industrial” is a good look for a modern salon interior, for many of the same reasons it works in restaurants: combine metal with distressed wood planks, an open, airy space and architectural elements, and you’ll have a space where all the cool kids will want to be seen.

Boutique/Dress Shop Wood Wall Chic

Rustic wall planks provide welcome balance to spaces that have a lot of glass, mirrors, and other shiny objects. Weathered wood planks make a gorgeous surface for displaying handmade accessories like knit scarves or hammered metal jewelry. Get the lighting just right, and you may have trouble getting customers to leave your store!

Day Spa Rustic Wood Walls

Clients always expect to find an environment conducive to a relaxing experience at a day spa. To take it a step beyond soft music and aromatherapy, try adding some wood wall boards. The effect conveys a natural and organic feeling.
To get the most from your investment, we suggest adding the wood walls in rooms where they’re likely to be seen, like the front lobby. Dark massage rooms where clients will probably have their eyes closed most of time won’t make such an impact. And much like a boutique, reclaimed wood is the perfect backdrop for displaying your organic essential oils or other retail items.

Reclaimed Wood Pairs Naturally with Grocery Stores

People who shop and cook increasingly want to associate their food with good health, and they seem willing to pay more for a pleasant shopping experience. Wood wall boards fit right in with the “farm to table” theme; in fact, they practically conjure images of old-fashioned farms with dilapidated barns.

If you happen to own a natural foods store, this is a no-brainer. Your customers will appreciate the eco-friendliness of reclaimed wood plank wall coverings as much as they enjoy the aesthetic.



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