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Modern Boho Decor Goes A Little Retro

There’s something super inviting about the casualness of nothing being too matchy-matchy in modern boho decor. It’s like the whole space says, “You can live here. I promise. Put your feet on the comforter. It’s totally okay!”

Modern boho style dresser with a retro twist.


So, when Alexis from Alternative Indigo reached out and asked to work together, I was like, “Yes, please."

Her eclectic modern boho-inspired style definitely did not disappoint.  The retro, yet totally modern boho decor all started with our Sand Stone Stikwood peel and stick wood wall planks.

When I asked Alexis how she decided on the style, she said, “The Sand Stone Stikwood was such a beautiful, soft, neutral color. I knew it would bring some much needed warmth and coziness to our space. I couldn’t be more obsessed with how it looks on our wall!”

A before and after of a modern boho style room renovation

The whole idea behind the modern boho decor in Alexis’s bedroom was to create, “a serene environment that I could go to after long days of chasing the kiddos around. And honestly, it’s my favorite space in the entire house” she said.

A side table in a modern boho style bedroom with a wood wall from Stikwood.

When creating the modern boho decor, she told me that her inspiration came from nature! Alexis speaks our love language here at Stikwood.

“The colors, textures, smells. Even the way nature makes you feel. That’s what initially lights the fire for a new space I’m looking to create,” she told me.

A plant filled room designed with modern boho decor that was inspired by nature.


Thanks to the Sand Stone Stikwood she installed, Alexis will always be able to look at her wall and be reminded of the beautiful times she’s spent in nature. In fact, she told us about one of her favorite memories…

“It was when we took our first baby, Billie, on one of her first hikes. It was sunny at the bottom and half way through the hike these HUGE snowflakes started falling and we could hardly see anything. We ended up turning around, but we had so much fun and it made for a very memorable first hike with our little girl.”

It’s hard not to think of nature when you touch, feel and smell our reclaimed pine wood planks and that, my friends, is what makes this modern boho decor even more special.

What do you think? Want to see it for yourself? Try a few samples on us using code: BOHOSTYLESAMPLE

The code is good for two free samples. :)

Cheers! Carmen



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