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Momma Bear Caves

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: Design Log



With large blankets, cozy chairs and plenty of natural inspiration, Rooms for Rent achieved mom cave bliss with this refreshing design! Hamptons walls paired with accent flowers and two large windows ensures there’s plenty of sunshine and natural elements in this space. Learn how you can create your own peaceful getaway with these mom cave design tips:

Choosing Your Space

For a successful mom cave, it’s key to find a private space that allows for a few uninterrupted moments to yourself. Whether this means setting ground rules with your kids or placing a lock on the door, make sure to find somewhere you can claim as your own. Momma bear caves don’t necessarily need to be large. Even a small corner in your bedroom or den can work as long as it’s exclusive and private.

Making It Comfortable

The purpose of a mom cave is for you to relax and unwind, so make sure your space is comfy. Collect some soft blankets, oversized pillows or even a day bed and customize your room to your liking. The key is for you to be comfortable in your at-home getaway.  

Add a Touch of Nature

If possible, choose a room with large windows for your momma bear cave. The natural light and outdoor views can help you ground your thoughts and escape reality for a few minutes. If your space is without large windows, add ample lighting and natural elements to create the same feel. This could include flowers, wooden elements and decorative trees or plants.

Achieving your own momma bear cave is easier than you think. Just choose your own quiet space, personalize it for comfort, add a stikwood accent wall and let the relaxation begin. Have your own mom cave using Stikwood? We’d love to see! Send us photos of your design and we’ll try to share your work.


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