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Why a Reclaimed Wood Headboard DIY Beats a Pre-built Headboard

By: Carmen Ballock-Bunt
Posted In: Design Log

 The finishing touch on any brag-worthy bed is a headboard that elevates its elegance and staves off damage to bedroom walls. But on the hunt for the perfect headboard, many homeowners have lost sleep deciding between a reclaimed wood headboard DIY design and a pre-built headboard. Let’s put your indecision to bed once and for all by laying out the key advantages of a DIY reclaimed headboard over a pre-built headboard.

You don’t need nails for the headboard assembly.

A reclaimed wood headboard diy project is laid out on the floor.

Pre-built headboards come in many varieties that you can hang on a wall with wall-mounting hardware, mount on a bed frame with bolts, or rest against a wall without mounting hardware. Regardless of the way your headboard is mounted, some assembly will be required before installing it. You may need to use screws to put together the individual components of a wall-mounted headboard or to enlist bolts and washers to secure mounting legs to a bed-frame-mounted headboard.

Feel free to keep your toolbox closed while assembling a Stikit Sierra Silver Wood Plank Headboard. The fun process produces a sense of childlike joy when peeling and sticking wood planks to their corresponding slots on a heavy-duty backerboard — no screws, bolts, or other fasteners required.

You can choose your preferred mounting method. 

A finished reclaimed wood headboard diy project is leaning against a white brick wall.

Whereas the mounting slots on pre-built wall-mounting headboards, the pre-drilled mounting holes on bed-frame-mounted headboards, and the lack of mounting hardware on freestanding models limit you to a single mounting method, reclaimed wood headboard DIY designs afford a wide range of mounting options, each as effortless as the next.

You can wall-mount a Stikits headboard using the included mounting bracket and screws, or prop the DIY headboard against the wall for a temporary option that leaves no wall marks behind in apartment rooms or dorms.

You can control the headboard mounting height.

A diy reclaimed headboard has pillows piled against it in a feminine bedroom

The mounting legs situated at the base of many pre-built wall-mounted headboards dictate how high up the wall you must mount the headboard. Mount the headboards too high on the wall, and the legs of the headboard will awkwardly dangle in the air instead of resting on the floor.

A Stikits DIY reclaimed headboard acts as an adjustable height headboard; you can mount the assembled headboard up high or down low on the wall because there are no legs on the reclaimed wood headboard DIY design to limit its mounting height.

You’ll avoid bed frame compatibility issues.

Queen size DIY reclaimed headboard is attached to a white wall and has pillows piled against it.

Bed-frame-mounted headboards that must be bolted to the frame of your bed require your bed frame to have compatible headboard brackets for successful mounting. If yours has the wrong brackets, you’ll either have to remove and replace them or trade in your headboard for another. If your bed frame is too wide for the headboard, the unsightly mounting holes at the base of these headboards will forever be on show.

When you opt for a Stikits reclaimed wood headboard DIY install made of reclaimed wood planks, you can keep the bed frame you have regardless of its type or width. Each queen- or king-sized DIY reclaimed headboard in a box assembles into a reclaimed wood headboard without mounting holes to diminish its looks. Even if you were to opt for a headboard wider than your bed frame, all you’d see would be elegant real wood peeking out from behind your bed.

You’ll gain an accent wall.

A custom DIY reclaimed headboard that reaches from floor to ceiling is attached to the wall behind the bed.

Unlike pre-built headboards that only confer benefits on the lower region of a wall, a reclaimed wood headboard DIY design can do double-duty as a crown for your bed and an accent wall for the room at the large.

Simply mount self-adhesive planks directly on an empty wall behind a featureless four-poster to boost the beauty of the bed and the bedroom. Choose a subdued horizontal plank orientation for your reclaimed wood headboard DIY design to be gently lulled to sleep each night. Or, opt for an unexpectation plank orientation — think vertical, herringbone, or chevron — to rouse you awake each morning.

Tempted to create your own hand-built headboard? Snag a Stikit peel and stik wood planks headboard  or a wood plank sample set to bring your DIY headboard ideas to life.


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