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Ripping to Width

By: Steve Worth
Posted In: Design Log

When Stikwooding you will probably hit a row where the existing planks are two wide and will nee 'ripped to width' so they fit. This is normally the last row if an install. Don't worry, you won't need a table saw like most wall panels. Because Stikwood thin and lightweight, you can easily cut it with a jigsaw (some people even use a utility knife). The tutorial below walks you through ripping a plank to width.

Step 1—Measure and Mark

Use a tape (or by reference) to determine the width of the plank you need to rip.

Step 2—Draw Your Rip Line

Using any kind of straightedge or level, draw your rip line from the mark you made when measureing.

Step 3—Cut

Depending on the length of your piece , Stikwood can be ripped to width with either a jigsaw, utility knife, or a table saw. Start your rip from the mark and follow the line.

Step 4—Dry Fit and Install

Before installing your ripped piece, dry fit the Stikwood into place. Dry fit means assembling the piece(s) of a project to check their fit before application. If the piece fits, remove the adhesive strips and install. Secure your piece into place with the J roller.


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