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Stikwood & Shiplap

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: Design Log


Thanks to HGTV, Shiplap is all the rave right now! The shiplap style is a kind of wooden board that brings your DIY project to life. Shiplap is a type of board with flush edges designed to fit together, near seamlessly. Shiplap is typically used in sheds, barns and other old buildings. Stikwood gives you the ability to create unique shiplap designs using our real, reclaimed wood options. Learn how you can achieve your very own shiplap design with the following tips.

Incorporate A Soft Color Scheme

Shiplap is typically found on the walls and ceilings of old barns and historic homes. This particular style of wood helps to draw in the illusion of a bigger, more open space when paired with softer color palettes. Colors like light pastels and whites go especially well with this design. However, if you’re looking to create a more rustic look, the natural textures of the wooden planks are accentuated with darker, more defined colors.

Do You Have An Interior Design Style In Mind?

Complement the shiplap planks by adding different textures and elements that help to bring out the rustic look of the wood. Contemporary, rustic, cottage, modern or any design style you choose, create your own design with shiplap. By pairing with different pieces of furniture, brass elements or simple trinkets, shiplap lets the DIYer’s creativity shine.


Thanks for designing your space with Hamptons, Aubrey Kinch!

Create your own shiplap look with Stikwood. Browse our samples to get started!


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