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12 days of Stikwood GIVEAWAYS!

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News


1. Large Round Cutting Board - Spalted Maple - a handmade, cutting board that is made of maple, spalted maple, hardwood, wood beeswax and oil. This serving board is made to order and the wood is taken from Adirondack Park in upstate New York. Made by: ADK Kitchen. 

2. Redwood Tub Caddy - This reclaimed wood bath shelf is perfect for her or him. Made from redwood and tung oil, relax and enjoy your bath in peace with this tub caddy from Pennsylvania. Made by: PegandAwl

3. Dark Walnut Patio Chairs - Who doesn’t want to sit in homemade style? Perfect for the patio, as an accent chair or for the beach, these dark walnut folding chairs come in a set of 2. Made by: Kentucky Stick Chairs!

4. Home Storage Rack - Store magazines in your living room with ease. Comprised of recycled polyester with leather branding and copper, this unique Maine rope was created by local lobster fishers and over five generations of woven expertise. Made by: The Rope Co.

5. Wooden Bowl 10” - Add a centerpiece to your kitchen table with this natural sparkle, walnut wood bowl. Or prepare for a fresh salad, either way the patterns of gold tinsel glitter will add character to your room. Made by: Willfulgoods 

6. Honeycomb Cubby Shelves - Looking for cool shapes to hang on your wall? These geometric hexagon shelves are handmade in Wisconsin with ash, birch, walnut and pine and come in a set of 3! Made by: HaaseHandcraft!

7. Mahogany Floor Lamp - Spice up your room with this innovative floor lamp. It is a tripod slim lamp that is made with African Mahogany wood. Brighten up your office or home with this modern lamp! Made by: Naturalgrain

8. Laser-Cut Clocks - These handmade clocks are sure to catch your eye. Made from birchwood, the clocks are traced into geometric images that automatically attract your attention. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and are made in Illinois. 

9. Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry - This one-of-a-kind handmade item was woven together in Arizona that will look great on your living room wall or above your bed. Off white and made from cotton. Made by: MyMacramania

10. Merino Wool Large Knit Blanket - Stay warm this winter with a Michigan-made chunky wool and knitted blanket by Becozi. Each blanket is made to order and ships directly to you.

11. Holiday Light Bulb Bud Vases - This six pack of vases is the perfect gift to give this Christmas. NevaStarr created this centerpiece to add to your table in your home. These lightbulbs can hold either a single flower or a small grouping and are made in North Carolina.

12. Reclaimed Wood Mirror - Add a reflection to your room that you can’t live without! This large, 42X30 reclaimed wood mirror from Texas adds a rustic feel to your home. Made by: HurdandHoney.


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