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Why Reclaimed Wood?

By: Ashley Drye
Posted In: News

The number of hands that come in contact with the wood from harvest to finish is utterly astounding. Most people may be unaware of the origins of reclaimed wood and which properties make it so special. Reclaimed wood is generally found in older buildings or structures such as barns, farmhouses, fences and essentially any building that is set to be torn down. The wood is then taken to be repurposed and reutilized for uses such as furniture, wall paneling, flooring and beams for new or remodeled homes.

“It’s like going to a museum. There’s this history, and aging process that cannot be faked. The effects of time, weather, and wear and tear imparts a type of authenticity that is immediately shown”, says owner and founder of Stikwood, Jerry McCall.

The changes in weather are a major contributor to the durability and stability of reclaimed wood when compared to new wood. Aged wood carries unique characteristics that are difficult to replicate. One of these characteristics is what is called, patina. The patina is what gives it it’s aesthetically pleasing look, and is revealed when the wood is exposed to different elements in various environments and is dependent on the location that the wood is in.

Even the wood from used wine barrels that have been repurposed have a stunning merlot hue that gives the wood it’s unique coloring.  Free of artificial tampering, this material can carry a lingering smell of the previous old vine zin fermenting in the barrels.

“It is naturally beautiful material that has meaning and depth to it. You can visibly see the recording and history in the wood.”

Every piece of wood has a story and no two stories are the same.

There is simply nothing like the beauty of reclaimed wood and having the ability to  incorporate it in your home allows the century old story, to continue.

Written by Amy McVay

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