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Thanks for Everyone Who Came Out to Build The Wall with Stikwood at Old Soul in The Alley!

By: Ashley Drye
Posted In: News

Old Soul Stikwood Wall Party!

Stikwood  had a great wall party at Old Soul in the Alley (1716 L Street). A special thanks to the crew at Old Soul, the delicious coffee at Old Soul and the perfect soundtrack provided by Musical Charis (go see them - buy their music!).

Check out this timelapse of the event. Watch this video that captures the spirit of the evening. A great time was had by all. Stop by Old Soul in the Alley, have some amazing food and coffee and check out the Stikworld.

What: Stikwood Wall Party, Premium Coffee Roll Out and Tasting, Hourly Giveaways (Yeah, you can win some Stikwood Wall Art and the same amazing coffee you will be tasting)

Music by Musical Charis

When: Friday, Dec. 12th from 5pm – 9pm

Where: Old Soul in the Alley, 1716 L Street, Sacramento

Comparative coffee tasting of the 93pt Panama Elida Estate - same coffee varietals, picked on same days, just processed differently at the farm

Comparative tasting of the Nicaragua Los Congos Natural and the Ethiopia Wenago Natural coffees - scored 94 and 95 points respectively...

Alternative Craft Coffee - We will be showcasing Cascara - a dried coffee cherry tea and try our yearly coffee collaboration with Ruhstaller - The Sauce coffee porter!

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