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A Woman's Point of View

By: Ashley Drye
Posted In: News

The nice thing I have found about Stikwood is that as a woman I can do it.  I know there are some women out there that can do a major remodel...but I am definitely not one of them!  I can measure, draw a straight line and cut thin strips of wood, that is all it takes.  I can do this!  I love to redecorate...yes I am one of those people that gets a wild hair and rearranges furniture constantly and I like to move pictures around.  Which by the way with the reclaimed stikwood you don't have to worry about nail holes when you change your mind about where that picture should go (I have a little experience in that area).  

With stikwood you can make a bold statement...get the ooohs and aaahs before your next big event (or before your husband gets home...have experience in that area also).  Wood walls are gorgeous, very modern and stylish but until stikwood you would have to hire a contractor who then had to source the reclaimed wood and build the planks in order to put them on your wall.  He then has to bring in the big noisy equipment to saw and hammer and nail and oh my gosh what a mess your house would be in for days or weeks!  Blah!  Not to mention the cost for all of that. No Thank You!

Stikwood does all the heavy lifting at the factory.  You get a finished product ready to install!  It is addicting, no joke, once you do one project you will start looking for the next.  I have done walls, a kitchen island, and Ikea furniture.  I have an idea for my next project.  I can't wait!  Stay tuned!

Btw...if you have not liked Stikwood's page on facebook you should.  It's a great place to see new pics...and my next project!


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