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7 Bold Bedroom Ideas

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News

Setting up the layout for your bedroom is always a fun DIY project. From the colors, and furniture to what you put on the wall, everything matters. Take a look at what some of our friends did in their bedrooms!

Master Bedroom Makeover

charcoal bedroom To mimic a mid-century bedroom refresh, designer Kristi Murphy chose to use Charcoal in a herringbone pattern as the backdrop of the room. To finish out this look, she added DIY marble side tables, a fiddle leaf plant, DIY lamps, oversized color blocked curtains and a DIY bed frame to tie it all together. Thanks for sharing your bedroom design!

Soft and Sophisticated
bedroom makeover

 Sugar & Cloth’s bedroom makeover chose a pastel color palette, gold accents and a Reclaimed Sierra Silver statement wall to give its own touch of simple flare. The white walls and white comforter against the reclaimed wood wall backdrop makes this bright bedroom pop. Thanks for designing, Sugar & Cloth!

Rustic Relaxation

bedroom design

Create a look of your own that you can’t live without. This bedroom went with a rustic design by placing a Reclaimed Weathered Wood backdrop and a contemporary cool vista oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fan. Add some end tables, matching table lamps and a unique blanket wall hanger and you’re all set. Thanks for sharing, Ardel McCombs!

Cottage Cuddles

stikwood bedroom

To achieve a French farmhouse design, hang old-fashioned lights and leave beams exposed. The soft, subtle colors and a Reclaimed Weathered Wood White feature wall along with an antique wooden trunk chest turned this bedroom into a cottage getaway. Thanks for designing, Barrington Homes!

Industrial Designs

industrial bedroom

Surround your windows with a Reclaimed Sierra Silver backdrop to cover up the white space on your bedroom wall. Customize your space with some personal flare like mismatched end tables, various patterns and unique rose gold table lamps. Thanks for sharing your bedroom transformation, This Old House!

Big Kid’s Bedroom

kids bedroom

Is your little boy not so little anymore? Turn his baby bedroom into a big kid’s room with a natural look from the outdoors. This rustic bedroom design used an orange bed frame to complement the Reclaimed Sierra Silver accent wall and hung navy curtains. Thanks, Kyle Schuneman for this bedroom remodel!

Bring The Beach to Your Bedroom

beachy bedroom

To create a beachy look for your bedroom, start with a Sea Foam chevron wall and place the planks diagonally. Use soft tone nautical colors, get a sand bedspread and add something right out of the beach to put on your wall, driftwood. Thanks for sharing, Laurie March!

We love seeing new bedroom designs! Share your pictures with us and tell us how you’ve used Stikwood in your bedroom.


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