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Blogger Spotlight: Kristi Murphy

By: Carmen Ballock-Bunt
Posted In: News

Kristi Murphy, a DIY and lifestyle blogger, wanted to give her dad’s bedroom a brand-new look that exuded a modern, masculine vibe. Kristi’s dad suffers from low back pain and his old bed was too low. So, Kristi decided to replace it with a simple metal frame that sat higher and made his life easier. That’s when she reached out to us about our Stikit Sierra Silver wood plank headboard!   

Kristi and her dad shopped for his reclaimed wood headboard on our website, where they were provided with several color options: Reclaimed Weathered Wood, Reclaimed Weathered Wood White, Reclaimed Weathered Wood Gray, and Reclaimed Sierra Silver. Based on the fact that her dad has reclaimed wood-looking tile floors throughout the downstairs of his house, they thought that going with the Sierra Silver wood plank headboard would help create a cohesive look throughout the home since the colors were similar. Kristi also mentioned that, “we loved how the silver patina gives the redwood a very modern feel.”

Once the Sierra Silver wood plank headboard arrived at her dad’s front door, Kristi started the timer. She wanted to know if the headboard was really as simple to put together as we said it was. 20 minutes later, she was shocked, “It feels so great to “build” something yourself. It creates such a sense of pride even though “shhhh” it took us less than a half hour to do. This project was also a great excuse for my dad and me to spend a day together. We haven’t hung out just the two of us since my kiddos were born!”

Not only were they able to spend time together, but Kristi was able to help her dad live a better life, too. She said that, “The [Sierra Silver wood plank headboard] was an absolute upgrade for my dad in both functionality and aesthetics. My dad suffers from some back pain, and his old frame was too low to the ground. It made it difficult for him to get in and out of bed in the morning. By using the Stikit Headboard, we were able to raise his bed up using an inexpensive frame from IKEA. It is much easier for him to get in and out of bed now. Not to mention, the [reclaimed wood headboard] in my dad’s bedroom is the absolute star of the show. It makes the room, and my dad is thrilled with the makeover. In fact, he texted me the other morning that he didn’t want to get out bed because he loves his room so much.”

You can test the install time of this redwood headboard for yourself by visiting us at Stikwood.com and ordering your own diy wood headboard. They come in queen and king sizes. When all is said and done, let us know what you think! 

Head over to Kristi Murphy's blog at Kristimurphy.com to see the full tutorial and all of the room details! 


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