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Commercial Design Ideas

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News

Looking for a product that's compatible with a commercial space? You've got to see these Stikwood transformations that give your office, lobby or conference room an aesthetically pleasing look with less time and less effort than ever before.

Industrial Views

Most urban cities such as NYC are designing around old industrial buildings with large windows and exposed pipes. The Reclaimed Barrel Oak gives the space some natural color and texture that is easily styled with modern furniture pieces.

Design & Photo Credit: WeWork NYC

 Scandinavian Conference Room

Break up an all-white space by adding in some rich color and tones from the Reclaimed Sierra Gold.

Design & Photo credit: UrbanStems and Kathleen Mannis from Home Polish

Urban Modern Shapes

Edgy yet refined. This modern tattoo parlor incorporated Reclaimed Weathered Wood in their space to bring out the natural elements often found around the island.

Design & Photo Credit: Tattoolicious, Waikiki Hawaii


Contemporary Waiting Room

Entryways are a great place to enhance your space. Add a touch of Caramel, natural lighting and pair it with modern furniture to create a chic lounge.

Design & Photo credit: PCW Millwork and Malden Station

Warm and Bold Lobby

First impressions are everything. Bright colored carpet and furniture with a Honey accent wall create a bold first impression.

Photo Credit: AAI Design & Smart Zip

Covered from Head to Corner

Rustic wall-to-ceiling transitions can make for a cool modern office space. Stikwood can easily be put around corners and, when paired with the right lighting, it can make all the difference in a room.

Photo credit: L.B. Muller Design

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

 A Golden Oak accent wall, paired with a wooden reception desk makes for an inviting space. Place green office plants in different areas around large windows that bring in natural lighting to create a fresh, new look.


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