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Contemporary Young Family Home

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News

What were you hoping to achieve, or what was your goal with this project?

I was searching for a solution to warm up a very large but builder-basic kitchen island. The brownish gold tones in the backsplash didn't match with anything [in the house] but adding Stikwood to the island and changing the hardware to brass, the backsplash is enhanced.

How would you describe the final look and feel of the home?

The final look and feel of the home is very warm and unique. We began with a white shell of a room that now has depth and interest.  

What did you find most rewarding about this project?

It was very rewarding that Stikwood products can be used so easily to completely transform the look of a room. 

About Sandi Kaneko:
As the youngest in a family of 10 kids, a career in interiors was not an obvious path. After all, my father's style is more that of a “maximalist” and trying to fit multiple beds in a room did not leave too much creativity for decorating. Perhaps it was that lack of personal space that caused all that pent up energy to explode in the form of anything creative.

After studying at FIDM and working in costume and styling in L.A., an opportunity to start a business with my husband had me designing modern pet accessories including a line for Paul Frank inspired by our 4 legged family members. 13 years, 2 houses, and 3 kids later, I realized decorating our trade show booths became more fun than designing products and gave in to my true love for interiors and decorating. On a continuing path to utilize my natural gifts, Sandi Kaneko Interiors was born. My own home is a lab to experiment in and I'm thankful for my husband putting up with my constant itch to redecorate.

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