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Make Your Own Mid-century Modern Design

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News

Begin By Keeping Things Simple

First things first, make sure to keep things minimal and organized. The key to a mid-century modern space is for everything to have its place. While you can keep extra blankets and decorations in your design, strategically place each one to make it appear that it is right where it belongs.

Fill the Room with Geometric Shapes

When it comes to accessories in a mid-century modern design, the funkier the better. Look for retro art pieces, table accessories or some fun geometric shapes to hang on the wall. Paired with low furniture and unique vases and plants, these can really make your design come to life.

Incorporate Wood and Tweed Fabrics

The mid-century modern style is timeless because of its clean lines and uncomplicated color schemes. Real wood features throughout your space can achieve this look while leaving it feeling organic and natural. Tweed couches and chairs are excellent accents to heighten the wooden features without overpowering the simplicity of the style. 


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