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What is FSC Certified?

By: Amy McVay
Posted In: News

As an organization, Stikwood is committed to the protection of our natural environment and reducing waste. All of our materials are reclaimed or sustainable and each plank has a story to tell. Our standards are something we live by, which is supported by our FSC certification.

What is the FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is a nonprofit organization specializing in setting standards for responsibly sourcing the timber used in many industries. Over the past 30 years, the FSC, along with other nonprofit agencies have been ensuring the health and sustainability of forests around the world by establishing best practices standards.

The FSC is a wood industry certification system that lets customers and industry cohorts know that we buy and source from responsibly managed forests. The controlled wood is used as recycling materials. In order to be FSC certified, organizations must complete a number of steps to be considered.


Why Is It important to Stikwood?

Stikwood strives to protect our ecosystems, which is why becoming FSC certified was so important to the company. The FSC certification ensures all of the wood customers receive is only taken from legal forests.

“There are a certain code of ethics we follow and this means a lot to us. This is what Stikwood stands for as a company and we care about providing responsibly sourced wood. How we start this process is by looking into our supply chain, we audit it and put our suppliers through a process. This is especially important that we are selling responsibly sourced materials and we have to be certified in order to do commercial/trade partnerships”, says Steve Andrade, handler of Commercial Inquiries.

On top of being FSC certified, Stikwood is also SCS certified, which means that our third-party certifier, SCS Global Services performs auditing, testing, certification and standards development for Stikwood. This certification is generally difficult to obtain, primarily due to the type of natural resources we use in our manufacturing process.

Feel Comfortable Knowing Your Planks Are Sourced Responsibly

We hope this blog on FSC certifications gives you a better idea about how we source our materials. We take pride in knowing that all of our real reclaimed wood wall products meet industry requirements. We would love to chat more about this, feel free to give us a call.



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