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Wood is hygroscopic. So wherever there is a change in relative humidity (RH) the wood will change in moisture content (MC). When this happens, the...

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"A recent study at the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations has established a link between wood and human health. In the study the presence...

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A chill in the air, wood fires, and the smell of pumpkin... Pumpkins and gourds decorate the table and beautiful colored leaves decorate your yard....

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The nice thing I have found about Stikwood is that as a woman I can do it.  I know there are some women out there...

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It's fun seeing the many ways people are transforming things with stikwood. The positive response to stikwood since its public launch is really exciting. So...

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A Boy Bedroom Design Made Without Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Little boys are a ton of fun! I have three of them, and man, have they kept me on my toes. I don’t know if all little boys are as energetic as mine were, but the thing I learned early on is that they need a boy bedroom design that’s calming. One where they can put their heads down to dream about the handfuls of rollie pollies they brought into the house earlier that day or the trees that they wanted to repel out of (using a homemade harness) before I caught them. Yes, I’m 100% serious. They really did do that.

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