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Setting up the layout for your bedroom is always a fun DIY project. From the colors, and furniture to what you put on the wall,...

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Bohemian is one of the most flexible, creative interior design styles there is. With many natural elements, diverse cultural influences and colorful additions, achieving your...

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  With large blankets, cozy chairs and plenty of natural inspiration, Rooms for Rent achieved mom cave bliss with this refreshing design! Hamptons walls paired...

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As an organization, Stikwood is committed to the protection of our natural environment and reducing waste. All of our materials are reclaimed or sustainable and...

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Have a room in your home that needs a serious refresh? Take a look at some of our recently submitted all white decor transformations using...

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Gather around our workbench and learn from our team how fun it is to transform your space into something you love.

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Make Your Own Mid-century Modern Design

First things first, make sure to keep things minimal and organized. The key to a mid-century modern space is for everything to have its place. While you can keep extra blankets and decorations in your design, strategically place each one to make it appear that it is right where it belongs.

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