Vertical Caramelized Bamboo Peel & Stick Wood Planks





Sustainable Smooth

Vertical Caramelized Bamboo

These golden hued planks are perfect for modern or contemporary decor styles.

Distinctive grain patterns move horizontally and provide a clean, minimalistic appearance.

Stikwood Vertical Caramelized Bamboo material explorer | sustainable bamboo peel and stick wood wall and ceiling planks with warm gold, yellow, tans and brown colors.

Material Explorer

Vertical Caramelized Bamboo Peel & Stick Wood Planks

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing more than a yard in a single 24-hour period. This renewable form of timber is strong, durable and looks gorgeous when put on a wall. It’s distinctive grain patterns move horizontally across the bamboo wall panels, and provide a clean, minimalist appearance. These golden hued planks are perfect for modern or contemporary decor styles, but can even be used in eclectic and transitional styles. Whether you’re creating a spa-like retreat or designing a child’s bedroom, these real bamboo planks add a sense of beauty and tranquility.

Each plank is 5 inches wide and comes in a mix of 1 to 4 foot lengths. Also available in consistent 4 foot lengths.

1'–4' Random Lengths
Peel & Stik
European Plant-Based Oil



Stikwood invented peel+stik wood. Just peel off the adhesive backer and stick it to your wall, it really is that easy.

Made in the USA

All Stikwood products are made in the USA, crafted to retain their natural weathering and beauty while letting you feel comfortable knowing where your product comes from.


Our ThinPlank construction weighs up to 40% less per square foot, reducing your projects carbon footprint. At Stikwood sustainability is designed into our products.

Breathe Easy (No VOCs)

Our products contain no VOCs and all finishes are done either by nature, or in house. Our products are Indoor Advantage™ Gold—Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v4.0.

Low Waste

We work hard to make the most out of each piece of wood—The faces and cores of each plank become Stikwood, and our sawdust is used to create power for our community.

Easy to Lift & Cut

Because Stikwood is lightweight, it is easy to lift, cut and install. Cutting around outlets and switches are a cinch, and you can just butt our planks right up to your existing baseboards.

Great for Walls, Ceiling and More…

Stikwood is designed to be great for any surface other than the floor. It's thin, lightweight design and strong adhesive gives you more creative options.

Factory to Front Door

When you purchase Stikwood, you are buying direct from the maker. Have a question, or need assistance, you are connected to the experts (no middle men!) and our only goal is to provide you with the best experience possible.

Lightweight ThinPlank Construction

Our ThinPlank design lets our real wood planks hug your surface and stay stuck. Thinner is better!

Certified by SCS Global

We rely on SCS Global Services (a pioneer and leader in the field of sustainability standards and third-party certification) to give you confidence that our products are sustainable and safe.

LEED Point Opportunities

Stikwood products are reclaimed and sustainable. LEED point opportunities are available.

Commercial Performance

Stikwood gives you fast, reliable installation, unique designer finishes and top-tier customer support.

Class-A Fire Treatment

Stikwood is available with a Class A fire treatment, built for the demands of a commercial environment.



Air Quality Certified (no VOC's)—Indoor Advantage Gold

Indoor Advantage Gold certification assures that building material products support a healthy indoor environment by meeting strict indoor air quality (IAQ) chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To be certified, products must be tested by independent labs for compliance with CDPH/EHLB Standard Method V1-1 for VOC emissions of concerns. (Paints, coatings, sealants and adhesives must also meet VOC content requirement in addition to the IAQ emission standard.)



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