Closeup of a woman peeling the backer off the adhesive strips on the back of a Stikwood real reclaimed wood wall and ceiling plank.

Real Wood,

Real Easy.

Peel and stick wood planks give you the ability to easily bring real wood into your home or office. Here is what you need to know about peel and stick wood…from the company who invented it.

Peel and stick makes dramatic transformations easy!

Stikwood peel and stick wood is a thin piece of real wood (around 1/8˝ thick) with adhesive strips applied to the back. If you have ever used a sticker, you can install stikwood. You simply peel the adhesive backers off, and stick it to your wall.

Stikwood is designed thin, because thinner is better.

Thin is lightweight, making it easy to lift and cut. Stikwood can be cut with a utility knife or hand saw where thicker products require power saws. You won't need to remove your baseboards (just butt right up to them) and cutting around outlets is a cinch.

Want a wood ceiling? Normally this would be a job for a contractor, but Stikwood makes it easy.

A few simple tools is all you need on install-day.

All you need for a perfect Stikwood installation is something to cut with, something to mark with and something to measure with. No loud compressors, no worrying about the locations of the studs in your wall, no lugging heavy material around. Most important of all—LESS MESS to clean up. Most installs are done in a day.

It's better for the world, and your family.

Stikwood is sourced and made in the USA. Its lighter weight requires less fossil fuel to ship. When we mill our planks, we produce more with less waste, and our wood is certified sustainable and VOC-free.

If you are ready to bring real reclaimed wood into your home, Stikwood is the right choice. If you have questions, or need help please contact us, our award winning customer support team can help you with orders, measuring your space and even help you with design.

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