White Tree Ring Music—Reclaimed Natural Instagrain Wood Wall Art Panel



Reclaimed Natural Instagrain Wood Wall Art Panel

White Tree Ring Music

White Tree Ring Music—Reclaimed Natural Instagrain Wood Wall Art Panel

Abstract circular shapes set in a musical pattern allude to tree rings on these beautiful, natural wall art panels. The grain and knots of our reclaimed wood wall art panels art beautiful in themselves, and when the abstract shapes of this design are applied both art and wood take center stage.

Decorate your home with real reclaimed wood wall art. Weathered, authentic and striking, use these wall wood wall art panels to create dynamic spaces that match your style. Choose from 16 sizes.

Reclaimed Natural: Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir, these art panels are soft and warm. They are more refined that our naturally weathered woods and can be both modern and classic.

Nature+Art: We bring real reclaimed wood and high-quality printing together to create stunning, furniture grade wall art. The grain and knots of the reclaimed wood interact with the printing and breath authentic life to the art. The panels ship to you in planks that are easy to assemble and hang. With 16 different sizes to choose from, you can create dynamic spaces using multiple designs or give your space focus with one large piece of art.

16+ Sizes: Panels come in 10˝ increments, from 10˝x10˝ all the way up to 40˝x40˝. Choose your design and then choose your size, it’s that simple. Panels are 1/2 inch thick and are made by facing furniture grade plywood with our reclaimed woods.

Ships compact and is easy to assemble: Like all of our products, they are both high-quality and eco-friendly. Instagrain Reclaimed Wood Art Panels ship in lightweight easy to lift boxes, are easy to put together and hang with minimal tools.





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