Reclaimed Peel & Stick Wood Wall Planks

Peel and stick wood wall planks could be the perfect choice when remodeling your home. Sure, using new wood wall planks, faux wood wallpaper or tile may seem appealing to homeowners and interior decorators,. bBut they don’t come close to the authentic feel & beauty of real, reclaimed wood planks.

Years of Proper weathering gives reclaimed wood wall planks gorgeous texturing and allows you to create an authentic, more natural vibe throughout your home. Stikwood reclaimed wood planks are high-quality, durable, and have a simple installation process, ideal for DIY remodels. Most Stikwood projects take less than a full day to complete.

What tools do I need to install the Stikwood ?

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What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you love your Stikwood so you can return your unused product within 30 days. Read our full policy here.

How many square feet do I need for my project?

Start by measuring the height and width of your wall in inches. Multiply those two numbers together and divide by 144. This will give you how many square feet you need. We recommend adding 5% extra for waste. Below is an example of this calculation or you can check out this article for more detailed step-by-step instructions. Example: Wall Width = 85 inches, Wall Height = 120 inches 80 inches x 120 inches = 9,600 inches 9,600 inches / 144 = 66.66 square feet 66.66 square feet + (66.66 x .05 waste) = 70 square feet total