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What can I stikwood?

Stikwood will stik to any interior surface. The surface needs to be clean and smooth. If sticking it to a wall that is not painted you need to put a coat of primer and let it completely dry.

Will it really stik?

Yes! stikwood adhesive system is considered a permanent interior wood solution.

Ok it will stik, but for how long?

Stikwood will stik until you decide to remodel again. The adhesive is rated for 10 years.

What if I want to remove it?

If you would like to remove stikwood you need to pry it off. The adhesive will need to be removed from the working surface. Most of the time the surface stikwood was removed from will require minor repairs.

Commercial/Retail space, will it work?

Absolutley, in fact stikwood is ideal for commercial space. Stikwood will transform a space in hours. There is minimal hardware and no voc's. A space can be transformed without interfering with customers.

How much do I need to order?

That depends, you need to calculate the size of the space you want to transform. Boxes come in 40 square feet or 20 square feet. 1.You need to measure the height and the width of your space in inches. 2. Multiply the two numbers. 3. Divide the sum by 144.  We recommend ordering 5% extra for trimming.

Can I recycle stikwood?

Yes, in fact take all of your trimmings and tape peelings put them in your box and put the whole thing in your recycle bin.

How do I clean the Reclaimed Weathered Wood?

A vacuum attachment can easily remove any dust.

How do I cut stikwood?

You can use a miter box or a miter saw for the best results.

How is stikwood shipped?

Stikwood is shipped in boxes that contain 20 to 40 square feet.  

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