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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stikwood REAL wood?

All of our wood planks are 100% authentic wood. In today's digital, plastic world, we think authenticity is important and you will definitely feel the difference when you see or touch a piece of Stikwood. In addition to this, our reclaimed wood is made from wood that is naturally weathered. This means that the finish can only be created by exposure to the harsh winters and hot summers of the American plains. You will not find a more beautify plank out there if you are looking for reclaimed wood.

What is peel & stik wood and will it work in my home/office?

Peel and stick wood planks were invented by Stikwood and are exactly what the name implies. They are real wood planks that install on your wall or ceiling using an adhesive backer—they are like wood stickers.

Can I install Stikwood myself or do I need a contractor?

You can install Stikwood yourself. Stikwood is designed to be so easy that anyone can install them. Pro's like them because they look amazing and install fast, and the DIY world loves them because they are easy to work with and open up many creative options. Want wood on your ceiling? Stikwood makes it easy.

How thick is Stikwood?

Stikwood real wood planks are between 1/8 and 5/32 inches thick (depending on which finish you choose). This means the boards are slightly flexible so they hug your wall and stay stuck, and they are thick enough to retain all of their rich feel and beauty—it's the perfect balance. Learn more »

Does Stikwood work on textured walls?

Stikwood sticks great to most standard textures (orange peel, knock down, etc.) as long as the wall is painted, dry and dust free. If you have a more insteresting texture like sponge-applied etc. you will want to sand down the bumps and paint the sanded areas. Want help figuring out if Stikwood will work for you? Contact us.

Can I put Stikwood on my ceiling?

Yes, Stikwood can be used on ceilings, and it often is! If your ceiling is smooth, you can apply it normally. If you have a ceiling that's too rough, such as a popcorn textured ceiling, then the ceiling should be sanded and primed first. If you're not sure whether or not your ceiling needs to be sanded, try a sample piece as a test and/or send our support team a photo.

Is Stikwood removable?

Stikwood sticks like a cocklebur to a sheep's coat—it's a semi-permanent material, so it can be removed with some effort and your wall will most likely require some drywall repair and painting once removed. It is similar to removing wall paper without the steaming etc.

Where can I buy Stikwood?

We sell directly to you through this website. We make the product and ship it right from our factory to your front door. Our goal is for your project to turn out great, so If you need help ordering, please contact us.

How long will Stikwood last?

Stikwood will stick until you decide to remodel again. The adhesive is rated for 10 years.

What is your return policy?

You can exchange or return your product within 30 days of purchase. Read our full return policy here.

Can I use it in the bathroom, or as a backsplash?

Yes, as long as the room is well ventilated. If you are concerned about water exposure, we can offer an add-on product called Splash Safe for an additional fee. This features commercial grade sealant applied to the front side of the planks for added durability.

Can I use Stikwood near a fireplace or a heat source?

In most cases, Stikwood can safely be used around a code-approved fireplace as long as the surface you're applying the Stikwood to is not exposed to combustible materials. Each situation is unique, so it is important that you consult your fireplace's installation and safety manual before applying, to assure the area you are using Stikwood is considered a safe surface. We have had many customers use Stikwood to transform their fireplace with great success!

Can I recycle Stikwood?

Yes! In fact, you can put the Stikwood box, all of your trimmings, and even your tape peelings into your recycling bin.

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