Stikwood: The Original Peel+Stik Reclaimed Wood Planks. Quality & Experience Matters.

If you’ve spent any time watching HGTV or scrolling through your Instagram feed the last few years, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a major home décor trend taking over! Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, we’re seeing more people than ever adding shiplap and reclaimed wood walls to their list of home décor improvements.

It's easy to create the same gorgeous reclaimed wood look in your home thanks to our revolutionary peel and stick reclaimed wood planks! If you are ready to re-imagine your walls using peel & stick wood, Stikwood is the product for you. Stikwood's quality and experience is second to none. Why? Because we invented the technology behind them. Here are the reasons Stikwood is the right choice for your next home DIY Project.

The Highest Quality 100% Real Reclaimed Wood Planks

Our products are authentically 100% real wood and each piece has been ethically sourced from across the country. Our reclaimed wood has its own unique nail holes, color variations, surface texture, and knotholes created by exposure to the elements. Only time and nature can create a piece of Stikwood. Many of the competitors use machines to create the reclaimed look, or even are just a veneer or a digital print of wood on an engineered substrate. Nothing feels and looks quite like Stikwood does.

The Right Options for Your Wood Wall Project

Thanks to our decades of experience in shiplap and reclaimed wood, we are able to offer Fire Treatment and Splash Safe technology for those looking to incorporate reclaimed wood near a fireplace or oven, or even as a backsplash. We also offer multiple length and width options to give customers the biggest variety possible for making their home décor project everything they dreamed of.

Stikwood is Home of the Original Peel+Stick Reclaimed Wood Planks

You won’t find another brand which has been doing what we do for longer. Why? Because we are the original creators of peel and stick reclaimed wood. Our company was founded by Jerry and Laura McCall in 2012 with the belief that home décor can be both resourceful and beautiful. Jerry’s 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry and his designation as a master woodworker helped him understand the role of technology in sustainability. Laura’s background in art and passion for do-it-yourself projects are apparent in the beautiful wood finishes offered by Stikwood, as well as in the unique designs offered in the Plank Prints collection and wall art options. By combining their experience, Jerry and Laura have used their knowledge to reinvent what had traditionally been a costly and labor-intensive home décor project and turn it into the innovative product of today.

Since we’ve been doing this longer than everyone else, we know what works—and what doesn’t. We have taken the time to carefully test and retest each and every product to make sure our customers are receiving the top-of-the-line luxury reclaimed wood they deserve. It also means that when it comes to completing home décor upgrades, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. We have helped customers overcome any challenging questions they may have so that they are able to achieve their dream shiplap or reclaimed wood wall, door, headboard, art, or anything they can dream up!

Leading the Industry in Responsibility and Stewardship

We are seeing more and more challenges facing our planet’s future. Stikwood believes that the solution to part of these challenges is smart, ethical manufacturing. We’ve taken the extra steps and refused to cut corners when it comes to ensuring we’re doing everything we can to protect our planet, which means ensuring our products are FSC® and SCS® Certified.

Stikwood is Safe for Your Family

At Stikwood, we know our future as a company relies on the sustainability and protection of our forests. We’re proud to have obtained these certifications, but we didn’t stop there. While our reclaimed wood is full of history, none of our products have or ever will contain volatile organic compounds. Also known as VOCs, these are compounds that can easily be turned into vapors or gases. VOCs are released from burning products such as gasoline, wood, coal, or natural gas, and are dangerous not only to the people around them, but also to the planet. We wouldn’t want products like that decorating our home, and we know our customers feel the same way.

Dedicated to Waste-Free Production

We are also dedicated to operating as close to a waste-free facility as possible. We’ve refined our manufacturing processes to leave virtually no waste during the production of our reclaimed wood planks. We use the trim, the core, and face of every piece of wood that we receive. Even our sawdust is used to generate power for our local communities!

Evaluating the Competitors

We get it. The best form of flattery is an imitation, right? We believe it’s important for you to know the difference between the reclaimed wood and shiplap you’ll get from Stikwood and the products being sold by some of the bigger box stores across the country.

Insist on Real Wood —There are products on the market that are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) that have the appearance of wood from a few feet away, but when up close the illusion is quickly dispelled. These imitators are at best an extremely thin veneer, and many times, literally a print of wood applied to the MDF. They will never match the appearance, performance and feel of Stikwood—don’t believe us, just hold both in your hand. You will immediately understand the difference and be drawn to Stikwood, it simply feels better and is authentic real wood. Don't take our word for it, order a sample and see for yourself.

Insist on Safety — Stikwood is 100% real wood with minimal finishing, so you know it is safe for you and your family. Look for a prop 65 warning if you are thinking of using a Stikwood substitute, many of them will contain chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. This is the byproduct of the chemicals often used in heavy manufacturing and printing.

Wood Planks vs. Pallets

A few years ago, scouring your community for old wooden pallets to use for home craft projects was all the rage. We’ve seen chairs, coffee tables, shiplap walls, and so much more. Many people often think that bartering for pallets is the obvious route to go when looking for reclaimed wood, but we’re here to explain why that can lead to much more harm than good in the long run.

There are billions of pallets used for transporting products across the globe every single day. Unfortunately for those looking to create craft projects out of reclaimed wood pallets, the products those pallets are transporting can be anything — even toxic chemicals. The danger of using these pallets in your home is that the contamination may not be easy to spot. It’s also possible that your reclaimed wood pallets may be carrying home some uninvited friends. And nothing could be less fun than laying out your reclaimed wood pallets in the living room to dream up the layout of your shiplap wall, only to find that you’ve unintentionally ushered in a fungus or family of beetles.

Do the DIY

All of our customers are looking for ways to make dramatic changes to their spaces that won’t break the bank, which is why it was so important to us that our revolutionary peel and stick reclaimed wood planks be DIY-friendly. We know that it’s not in everyone’s budget to hire a professional contractor, and we truly believe that you shouldn’t have to throw big bucks at a home décor improvement project just to make it successful.

We spent years engineering the technology behind our peel and stick planks so that they would be just as easy to install as they are beautiful. We made each plank incredibly thin, so that our customers could bypass the hammer, nails, screws, and drill in favor of a simple roller and their own two hands. Our wood planks are so lightweight that they’re held permanently in place by adhesive. Instead of nailing each piece of shiplap in place, you can simply peel the backing off of each plank of reclaimed wood, press it to the wall’s surface, and use a rubber roller to help adhere each part of the adhesive in place.

Why We Don’t Outsource Our Wood Planks

Stikwood is 100% made in the USA, in either Sacramento, CA or Grand Rapids, MI. We sell directly to customers via our website because it connects us with you. Without a middle man, we are able to offer better service, better prices and have a more genuine connection to our community and be a part of your cool new project. If you need help, or something goes wrong, you know you can talk to us directly and we can respond quickly.

From our focus on quality and sustainability to the money you’ll save by being able to take your home décor project into your own hands, you can’t go wrong with Stikwood. Visit our website to draw inspiration from how others have used our products to make their spaces irresistible. Once you find your favorite style and color palette, visit our How-To section for step-by-step instructions on how to make this the easiest DIY project you’ll ever tackle! Ready to take the next step in upgrading the look of your home? Click here to browse our reclaimed wood planks and become part of the Stikwood family.