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How to Install Stikwood
How to install Stikwood with The Cousins
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The Stikwood Story
The Story of Stikwood as told by our good friends, The Cousins!
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How to Measure
How to measure your wall in preparation for your Stikwood project
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Unique Patterns
Installing Stikwood in a herringbone pattern within a frame.
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Applying wood trim as a flush cap
Installing wood trim and applying Stikwood flush to the corner trim piece.
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Installing a wooden cap trim
Installing a wooden trim piece as a cap.
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First things first, make sure to keep things minimal and organized. The key to a mid-century modern space is for everything to have its place. While you can keep extra blankets and decorations in your design, strategically place each one to make it appear that it is right where it belongs.

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