Ceiling Wood Planks: 5 Styles You'll Love

Stikwood is not only great for turning boring white walls into a work of art, but they work great as wood ceiling planks. If you think accent walls are great, imagine having a statement ceiling in your home!

Whether your goal is covering a slightly textured ceiling with wood planks or accentuating a plain Jane untextured ceiling, there are plenty of ways to dress up a down-and-out ceiling with peel and stick reclaimed wood planks.

Tray, coffered, cove, dropped, and cathedral ceilings are some of the most gorgeous ceiling designs, and they make ideal foundations for wood ceiling planks.

Take a peek at these five inspiring examples of wood planking for ceilings to get your creative juices flowing:

Wood Ceiling Planks for a Tray Ceiling

Photo Credit | Zimmermann Homes

Tray ceilings, named for their resemblance to an upside-down tray, feature a one-inch to one-foot-deep recessed region with a flat or sloping roof that attractively showcases lighting fixtures or fans. The Reclaimed Weathered Wood patina of the planks that were installed in this bedroom serves up a big helping of style in the otherwise neutral-colored quarters.

By keeping the depth of the recess relatively shallow and ensuring that the surrounding ceilings were at a level height with ceilings in other rooms, the homeowners added elegance while also maximizing the height of the room using Stikwood’s Reclaimed Weathered Wood finish.

Wood Ceiling Planks for Coffered Ceilings

If you’re gung-ho for a grid-like pattern on your ceiling, wood plank ceilings in a coffered construction will no doubt satisfy your design desire. Coffered ceilings are similar to tray ceilings, but instead of showing off a single recess, they sport multiple square or polygonal recesses punctuated by exposed beams.

As the ceiling wood planks on this coffered ceiling prove, the overall effect is that of a playful checkerboard. The daring DIYers behind the plank paneling increased the eye candy by mounting the fir wood planks diagonally around the focal point of a modern geometric pendant light.

Wood Ceiling Planks for Cove Ceilings

Photo Credit | The DIY Mommy

Often confused with tray ceilings, cove ceilings take the form of a broad bay or cove that spans the entire ceiling and frames it like a picture. This expansive ceiling made with white weathered wood and reclaimed weathered wood planking transports guests to the forests of a whimsical wintry landscape. The complementary recessed lights and fan, two common built-ins on cove ceilings, both brighten and boost the comfort of the high-art haven.

This look is sure to promote restfulness and serenity. For this DIYer, she gets to spend her evenings sleeping in what feels like a cozy woodland cave.

Wood Ceiling Planks for Suspended Ceilings

Photo Credit | D'Amore Interiors

Suspended or dropped ceilings that fall below the true ceiling of a room will never fall out of fashion because of the ease of adding one to an existing ceiling in virtually any room. To add visual variety, wood planking for ceilings was mounted in a rectangle to evoke the illusion of a tray ceiling. With industrial-style decor and the distressed patina of the reclaimed weathered wood planks, you can't help but fall in love with this beautiful, multi-dimensional room.

You’re by no means limited to adhering wood ceiling planks to smooth ceilings like the one above; covering slightly textured ceilings with wood planks or creating wood plank walls on textured walls is just as quick and effortless.

Wood Ceiling Planks for Cathedral Ceilings

Photo Credit | Lisa Quig

Connoisseurs of fine architecture have been singing the praises of cathedral ceilings for centuries, and who could blame them? Following the contour of the roofline, the grand ceiling design boasts symmetrical sloping sides that meet at a sharp or blunted apex to add gravity-defying height to living zones that demand attention. Who wouldn’t want something like that in their own home?

In this transitional kitchen and sitting room, Sierra Gold wood planks made from reclaimed barnwood were mounted along the slant and on the roof of the cathedral ceiling to give depth and dimension to the space. To play up the warm undertones of the gold-hued wood ceiling planks and evoke an even homier atmosphere, pair wood planking for ceilings with dimly-lit recessed lights and wood floors.

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