Looking for a way to visually open up your space? Explore our range of peel and stick white wall planks. We offer reclaimed weathered white planks for walls with that rustic look, as well as modern white wood wall planks if you’re looking to achieve a clean, minimalistic style.

As one of the nation’s most trusted white wall planks manufacturers, Stikwood offers premium yet affordable solutions for every home. Our solutions don’t release dangerous VOCs, and they have all the necessary certifications guaranteeing their quality & sustainability.

Sourced and made in the U.S., Stikwood white wall planks can transform any space. Your home’s walls are its key architectural element, and there’s no limit to the ways of making them more appealing using Stikwood.

Painted white walls can be monotonous and boring. With wood planks , you don’t need to add any color to liven up the space, as its texture and subtle, natural character will do it. You’ll still have a clean canvas you can decorate as you please, but it will be dynamic and natural.

White has a calming effect on the mind, so it’s an ideal color for creating a peaceful living space. You can add our white wall planks to any room in your home.

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Office

You can choose to transform your whole interior or create accents or focal walls. And why stop there? Peel and stick white wall planks are a great option for creating a ceiling that will make everyone look up.

Whatever you choose to do with your interior, it’s crucial to buy from a reliable white wall planks company. Stikwood ensures superior quality and durability so you can focus on the fun part without all the worry.

If your planks are made in a reputable white wall planks factory, installing them will be a breeze. Stikwood eliminates the installation hassle from the process and turns a typically labor intense project into a fun DIY experience, Beautiful transformations don’t have to be expensive, take forever, or force you to live in a construction zone for weeks, cut the cost and the hassle by using Stikwood peel & stick wall panels.

Here’s how to install Stikwood wall planks.

1. Prepare Your Room and Planks

Unbox your planks and separate them to ensure they have space around them. Leave the planks in the room where you’ll install them for 2-5 days. This allows them to acclimate to the space and adjust to the room’s temperature and humidity. This way, you can prevent deformation like warping or separating once the planks are on the wall.

Before you install the planks, wipe the wall with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust and moisture. If you recently painted the wall, wait at least 4-5 days before you install the planks.

When you’re ready to start, gather the supplies you’ll need.

  • A cutting tool
  • A measuring tool
  • A marking tool
  • A ladder (or something else sturdy and safe to stand on)
  • A J-roller

2. Set Up the First Two Rows

Measure down 25˝ from the ceiling and draw a reference line. If your ceiling isn’t level, use the baseboard as a reference and measure up from it. Stikwood planks are 5˝ wide, so this way, you’ll leave enough room from the first couple of rows on both sides of the line.

Peel off the tape, and stick the first two planks to the wall. They should be adjacent on both sides of the reference line and staggered so the end cuts are in different places. Place the remaining planks next to them (above and below the line) to finish the first two rows.

3. Install the Remaining Rows

Peel and stick the remaining planks around the first two rows. Ensure the planks are tightly placed next to one another to avoid gaps.

On the last row, cut the planks lengthwise to ensure a proper fit. Once you’re done, use our Wood Corner Trim for all outside corners.

If you want to see a detailed installation process, you can find it here.

Homeowners often suffer from analysis paralysis when it comes to home décor. With so many ways to go, it can be hard to find the best style of wall planks and decide how you’ll use them. Luckily, you’re not alone. If you need inspiration, see how you can add wall planks to any room.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our planks are 100% real wood. In addition, Stikwood is made from wood that is naturally weathered which means your planks will be one-of-a-kind.

Stikwood is DIY-friendly and can be installed by anyone which means if you do want to use the help of a professional, they’ll have no issues installing it either!

Stikwood can stick to most standard textures as long as the wall is painted, dry and dust free. If you have an uncommon or excessive texture you will want to sand down the bumps and paint the sanded areas. If you’re not sure if your walls should be sanded, please send us a message!

Stikwood is considered a permanent design solution so with removal of the planks, there will be some damage to the wall such as peeling of the paint and drywall.

Stikwood’s adhesive is rated for 10 years!

As a rule, we don’t recommend outdoor use.