Top down view of a pine forest with a scattering of yellow trees.


Free-spirited, cultural and expressive, Stikwood peel & stick wood planks will let you design your perfect, nature infused boho space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stikwood REAL wood?

All of our planks are 100% real wood. In addition, Stikwood is made from wood that is naturally weathered which means your planks will be one-of-a-kind.

Can I recycle Stikwood?

Yes! In fact, you can put the Stikwood box, all of your trimmings, and even your tape peelings into your recycling bin.

What is peel and stick wood?

Peel and stick wood planks were invented by Stikwood to make the installation of our product easier than ever before. Each wood plank comes with easy-to-use adhesive strips on the back that you simply need to peel and stick onto your wall or ceiling.

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