Pine is one of the most versatile materials for decorating ceilings and walls. It can help give a room a unique character and bring nature into your home.

But if you want to go a step further, reclaimed pine wood planks are even better. Stikwood is a US-based pine wall plank company that sources reclaimed wood from across America. The result? Every customer can install reclaimed pine wood planks that have been weathered by Mother Nature. This gives your space a unique, authentic, and natural texture.

Many pine wall plank manufacturers stick to the same design and look for their wood. They offer tongue and groove pine wall planks because that is how it has "always been done.” These solutions are heavy, can be difficult to install and require a lot of additional work to complete the project when you take into consideration the baseboards and outlets.

If your walls are in good shape, you should consider Stikwood — our peel-and-stick pine wall planks will surprise you. They make fantastic long-term additions to any office space and living area and are very easy to install, leaving you more time and energy to have fun and be creative

If you want a fresh, nature-inspired look in your bedroom, peel-and-stick pine wall planks will help you go wild with your creativity.

Stikwood reclaimed pine wood planks are treated for optimum resistance to any environment. You can add wood planks to your kitchen walls, around the fireplace, or as decorative bathroom elements. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Stikwood peel-and-stick pine wood planks are not your grandfather’s wood panels. Stikwood offers many different colors and finishes to choose from—you don’t have to be limited to knotty pine wall planks. We have colors for every space that will complement any furnishings, gadgets, and appliances.

Stikwood is a pine wall plank company specializing in variety. Our selection of peel-and-stick pine wood planks comes with a color scheme and texture for any situation and mood.

Tongue-and-groove pine wall planks are good but have a major disadvantage. They almost always require specialized tools, experience, patience, and professional intervention. None of that is good for someone who wants to redecorate on a budget without sacrificing looks or quality of materials.

Stikwood pine wall planks are peel-and-stick pine wall planks. They feature strong, easy-to-install adhesive strips on the back of the 5”-wide reclaimed planks. You can easily cut them to size and put them where you need them, without having to use extra glue, drill holes, or use complicated fittings.

Mastering the reclaimed pine wood plank installation requires going through three stages.

1. Get the Room and Planks Ready

You’ll need to wait a few days after receiving your peel and stick pine wall planks before installing them. Take the Stikwood planks out of the box and let them sit for a couple of days. Let them acclimate to the room temperature and humidity where they’ll be installed. This lowers the risk of warping and splitting after installation due to the shock of a major change in the environment.

The adhesive needs a clean and dry surface to create a strong bond between the wood and the wall. Therefore, allow any new paint to dry for at least 5 days. And on the day of the installation, clean the walls with a dry cloth to ensure they’re dust-free, warm, and dry before attaching the planks.

Finally, you may want to grab a couple of supplies and tools to have ready.

  • Measuring tool
  • Marking tool
  • Cutting tool
  • A ladder or stool
  • Wood Corner Trim
  • J-roller

2. Install the First Two Rows

The trick to a gorgeous wood plank fixture is creating a staggered design. Working with just two rows ensures that all planks are placed without gaps, and the ends of each plank don’t line up with each other. This creates a pleasing staggered pattern.

Therefore, only peel and stick two rows of planks at first. Draw a reference line about 25” from the baseboard or the ceiling, whichever is more level. Peel and stick the first plank above the reference line and the second one below, staggering the ends so they’re not in a straight line. Then, complete the rows by peeling and sticking more planks. When you reach the end of a row, cut a plank to fit. and stick to the staggered design.

Unless all the planks fit perfectly, you may have to cut the final row lengthwise. Make sure you measure and mark the planks accordingly to avoid gaps. If you wall has ‘outside’ corners corners, the Stikwood Wood Corner Trim pieces are also made from reclaimed wood and come in wide varieties that complement a pine wood wall, making corners easy.

For an even more in-depth guide on how to install pine wood planks, check out the complete installation tutorial.

Installing pine wall planks from a reputable pine wall plank manufacturer can add natural weathering and unique textures to your home or office. But don’t think you must cover entire walls and ceilings in wood to create something amazing.

Look at this office-inspired design or this play on geometry using peel and stick wood wall planks. Use our examples for inspiration and make your wall décor dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our planks are 100% real wood. In addition, Stikwood is made from wood that is naturally weathered which means your planks will be one-of-a-kind.

Peel and stick wood planks were invented by Stikwood to make the installation of our product easier than ever before. Each wood plank comes with easy-to-use adhesive strips on the back that you simply need to peel and stick onto your wall or ceiling.

Stikwood is DIY-friendly and can be installed by anyone which means if you do want to use the help of a professional, they’ll have no issues installing it either!