Reclaimed wood accent wall in a home office featuring Stikwood reclaimed peel and stick planks in a brown color called Hazelnut.


100% real, reclaimed & sustainable wood

Whether you have an office nook at home or a dedicated office space, décor matters. When you enter your office, you should feel empowered and ready to take on your tasks. But if you’re not feeling inspired yet, perhaps installing Stikwood office wall planks can change that.

The peel-and-stick office wall planks from Stikwood come in various finishes/colors and textures and install quickly. With our reclaimed wood wall planks, office space becomes anything you want it to be.

30+ Styles of Office Wall Planks

A peaceful and stylish home office is not only for those who work remotely. Instead of working at the dining room table or kitchen island, even a small office can create a better, more productive working environment. But there’s a way to make your office space even better.

You can install Stikwood wood wall planks for the office and have them reflect your sense of style and complement your existing home décor. Stikwood offers over 30 different styles of home office wall planks in a variety of natural colors. You can also choose between textured and smooth planks.

You can even install Stikwood wall planks on the ceiling, adding a special touch to the space. The Stikwood office wall wood planks are made entirely of natural wood and are very strong.

How to Install Office Wall Planks

One of the most common questions about our wall planks for the office is whether they are DIY-friendly. In fact, Stikwood makes peel-and-stick wall planks for offices that are easy to put up and don't need a professional to install them.

You can even install our planks on textured walls, provided they are painted and dust-free. Each wall plank has adhesive strips on the back, making installation pretty straightforward.

However, it’s vital not to rush the process and ensure the wood planks, office wall, and entire space look amazing. To get a better idea of how the installation process works, check out this tutorial before you start your office project.

Wood Wall Plank Ideas for Other Rooms

Peel and stick office wall planks by Stikwood are ideal for many office spaces. But you can apply these practical and beautiful wall decorations to any room in your home.


Figuring out the perfect nursery décor isn’t always easy, as there’s so much to consider. That’s why many choose a natural material like wood for the nursery’s walls. Stikwood is proud to offer gorgeous wall solutions for the baby’s room. Sandstone, rustic white, and caramelized bamboo are just some of the many beautiful options.

Living Room

How you decorate your living room says a lot about your style. Including Stikwood wall planks on one or all walls will convey that you love natural materials and know how to complement existing décor. From Vertical Grain Cocoa to Woodland Dusk, our product line has something for every living room.


Stikwood wall planks are a great fit for most bathrooms, too. You can pick a statement color and finish and install it behind an oversized mirror. Or you can cover all the walls in one of our minimalist wood wall plank styles and add different accessories.


Your bedroom should feel comfortable and safe. Perhaps you want to design a gallery wall with family photos, but something else is missing. Consider Stikwood wall planks for your bedroom, and choose the style that speaks to you the most. You can hang framed pictures and shelve onto Stikwood wall planks.

Dining Room

Choosing the right dining room table and chair set is important. But it’s equally essential to decorate and protect the walls adequately. You can quickly achieve that goal with Stikwood wall planks. Our Victoria Vandyke line works well with traditional décor styles, whereas Valley Fog is a better option for modern homes.


If your hallway isn’t as welcoming as it should be, consider installing Stikwood wood planks. Within one day, you can have natural wood walls in the color and finish of your choosing. Entering your home after a long day out will feel more welcoming.


Stikwood wood wall planks are an excellent addition to any kitchen style. Furthermore, you can use our wall planks as an effective backsplash. Of course, it’s vital to properly seal them first to avoid grease and water from causing damage.


A wonderful way to use our wood planks creatively is by installing them as headboards. We have fantastic solutions if you don’t like any available solutions and want a natural material complementing your bed and bedroom.


Stikwood wall planks are safe for any surface, even if you want to install them around the fireplace. Because they’re made from natural wood, you must ensure they’re not exposed to open flames. Regardless of your fireplace design, we have wall planks that will highlight it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stikwood REAL wood?

All of our planks are 100% real wood. In addition, Stikwood is made from wood that is naturally weathered which means your planks will be one-of-a-kind.

Can I install Stikwood myself?

Stikwood is DIY-friendly and can be installed by anyone which means if you do want to use the help of a professional, they’ll have no issues installing it either!

Does Stikwood work on textured walls?

Stikwood can stick to most standard textures as long as the wall is painted, dry and dust free. If you have an uncommon or excessive texture you will want to sand down the bumps and paint the sanded areas. If you’re not sure if your walls should be sanded, please send us a message!

Is Stikwood removable?

Stikwood is considered a permanent design solution so with removal of the planks, there will be some damage to the wall such as peeling of the paint and drywall.

How long will Stikwood last?

Stikwood’s adhesive is rated for 10 years!

Can it be used outdoors?

As a rule, we don’t recommend outdoor use.

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