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You’ve seen the gallery, you’ve imagined our products on your walls, but want to know more before you take the plunge and commit to décor excellence. Will it work in your space? How do you measure? Where can you apply it? This is where you’ll find the answers to these questions and many more. It’s almost like we can read your mind.

Do I need to acclimate Stikwood?
Yes! Similar to wood flooring, acclimation is the first step you should take before installing Stikwood. The great part about the product is that it's thin, so the acclimation period is short. We reccomend a timeframe of about 48-72 hours. 

Read on, for more information on installing Stikwood.
Where do I find retailers?
We actually ship direct to you! Click the products tab to browse styles. Here you can add to your cart and checkout just as you would with any other online retail store. 

What can I Stikwood?
Stikwood will stick to any interior surface. The surface needs to be clean and smooth. If sticking to a wall that is not painted, you need to put a coat of primer and let it completely dry.
Do I need to seal it if I use it as a backsplash? And what kind of sealant can I use?
You do not absolutely need to seal Stikwood when used as backsplash.  If you are concerned about water exposure we can seal it during production for an additional $1.00 per sq. ft.
Can I apply it to a fire place or near heat?
In most cases, Stikwood can be used safely around a code approved fireplace as long as the surface you are applying the Stikwood to is not exposed to combustable materials. Each situation is unique so it is important that you consult your fireplace’s installation and safety manual before applying, to assure the area you are using Stikwood is considered a safe surface.
We have had many customer’s use Stikwood to transform their fireplace area with great success!
Are there options for temporary uses?
We are currently testing a new adhesive that is designed for temporary uses.  In the meantime, We recommend nailing/screwing a thin piece of primed and/or painted plywood to the desired surface and applying Stikwood directly to the plywood.
Can it be applied to a textured surface?
Some textured surfaces will adhere to the Stikwood products with ease, while others (that are less smooth) may have a few issues achieving maximum bonding. We recommend that if the surface is too textured, you sand the texture down, clean the area of dust/debris, then apply the Stikwood to the now smooth surface.
Can I put it outside? What if I do not use the adhesive?
Stikwood is not designed for outdoor use. Without the adhesive, professionals who are knowledgeable regarding the properties of real wood products have used Stikwood in some outdoor applications. Stikwood is recommended as a semi-permanent interior wall décor.
Can you put this product on a door?
Yes, Stikwood can go on a door or cabinet with ease. Make sure to use a J Roller to ensure maximum bonding between the surface and the adhesive.
Can I apply this to a ceiling?
Yes, Stikwood can be and often is used on ceilings.  You will want to make sure the ceiling is not "too rough" as many ceilings are often the popcorn texture.  If the ceiling is popcorn texture, it may need to be sanded first.  If you are unsure whether or not your ceiling needs to be sanded first - try a sample piece first and/or send our support team a photo.
Commercial/Retail space, will it work?
Absolutely, in fact Stikwood is ideal for commercial space. Stikwood will transform a space in hours. There is minimal hardware and no VOCs. A space can be transformed without interfering with customers.
How long will it stick?
Stikwood will stick until you decide to remodel again. The adhesive is rated for 10 years.
What if I want to remove it?
If you would like to remove Stikwood you need to pry it off. The adhesive will need to be removed from the work surface. Most of the time the surface Stikwood was removed from will require minor repairs.
Do you have issues of adhesive not sticking?
If the Stikwood is applied correctly using all of the recommended directions for application, there should be no issues of not sticking. If, by chance, you are having issues it is likely that the surface area was still damp before application, or was not cleaned properly. Stikwood is a real wood product, so in the event of any curling or non-sticking, just apply a couple of small tack/pin nails and enjoy your transformation with ease.
How do I cut Stikwood?
You can use a miter box or a miter saw for the best results.
It is called Vertical Caramelized Bamboo, but I see everyone has it horizontal…does it matter?
Not at all. The description designates the way the bamboo is laminated into the sheet. Strips are stacked vertically and pressed edge wise versus laid horizontally and press face wise.
Will it really stick?
Yes! Stikwood adhesive system is considered a semi-permanent interior wood solution.
How thick is the product?
Our reclaimed woods are 3/16" thick; our sustainable hardwoods are 1/8" thick.
Is this wood or wallpaper?
Stikwood is 100% real wood planks that can be used to transform any wall in your home.
What is the width of Stikwood?
Our Reclaimed Barrel oak is the only product that comes in a 2" width; the remaining Stikwood products come in a 5" width.
Is this real wood?
Stikwood is 100% real wood planks.
How do I clean the Reclaimed Weathered Wood?
A vacuum attachment can easily remove any dust.
Can I recycle Stikwood?
Yes, in fact take all of your trimmings and tape peelings and put them in your box and put the whole thing in your recycle bin.
How is Stikwood shipped?
Stikwood is shipped in boxes that contain 20 to 40 square feet.
What is the return policy?
All returns require prior approval and must be accompanied by proper Return Authorization documents to assure credit. Please contact customer service within 30 days of receipt to process returns. A 15% restock fee and return shipping will apply.
Is there a warranty?
There is not a warranty on the material, however the adhesive has been rated for a 10 year life by the manufacturer.
How much square feet do I need?
By multiplying the length times the width (in feet) of a wall you can find the square feet area you will need. You can also use the Stikwood online calculator if using inches. We do recommend a 5% waste factor in your calculations when ordering Stikwood.
Is it easy to cut?
The thin planks of Stikwood make for cutting ease. You can use a mitre saw, chop saw, hand saw or jigsaw. Be sure to use a fine tooth blade with whichever saw you choose.
Does Stikwood ship internationally?
Stikwood ships all over the globe! Each country taxes/duties/customs fees vary and are the responsibility of the recipient, contact your local customs agent for information regarding international customs fees.
How much does it cost to ship?
Shipping costs will vary depending upon where you are located. All of the products ship from Sacramento, CA and can vary from 1-5 days depending upon your location.
What if I only need 5 square feet? Can I get a smaller box?
The smallest increments that you can purchase are in quantities of 10 square feet.
Any promotions or coupons?
Stikwood runs promotions, coupons, and contests throughout the year. Become friends with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to find out about upcoming promotions and new products that may be introduced. Join our mailing list for special promotions and “be the first to know” updates from Stikwood.
Do you offer a trade program for designers?
Yes! We love to partner with designers who use Stikwood in their projects.  Getting set up is easy. To inquire, click here!
Where can I find it in my country?
Stikwood can be found online at www.stikwood.com as well as shipped internationally.  Each country taxes/duties/customs fees vary and are the responsibility of the recipient, contact your local customs agent for information regarding international customs fees.
Where can I get Stikwood?
Stikwood can be purchased directly from our website by visiting our Products page.
How much do I need to order?

That depends, you need to calculate the size of the space you want to transform. Boxes come in 40 or 20 square feet.


  1. You need to measure the height and width of your space in inches. 
  2. Multiply the two numbers. 
  3. Divide the sum by 144. We recommend ordering 5% extra for trimming.

We also offer a square footage calculate on the left hand side of each product page. Look for the "Calculate Your SQ FT Button".

Will it work in my bathroom or near moisture?
It can work in a bathroom setting as long as you take the proper prep steps before installing. First, it's important to be sure that your wall does not currently exceed 9% moisture content before installing. If possible, let your walls dry out for a couple days before installing and after installing. It's important that you allow the material to acclimate outside of the box and unwrapped for 48 hours. Be sure to also use a J-Roller during installation to ensure proper adhesion for each plank.


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