A Boy Bedroom Design Made Without Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Little boys are a ton of fun! I have three of them, and man, have they kept me on my toes. I don’t know if all little boys are as energetic as mine were, but the thing I learned early on is that they need a boy bedroom design that’s calming. One where they can put their heads down to dream about the handfuls of rollie pollies they brought into the house earlier that day or the trees that they wanted to repel out of (using a homemade harness) before I caught them. Yes, I’m 100% serious. They really did that.

Stikwood Style: Sand Stone

Anyway, I used to dream about all of the boy bedroom designs that I would love to give them, if they just wouldn’t climb the curtains, anymore. The best one I’ve seen is from Lauren at House of Hire. She created a simple bedroom design where her kids could easily calm down. Want to know the best part? She used roman shades and a rustic wood wall - most likely inspired by tree climbing!

While this boy bedroom design looks picture perfect right now, it’s super easy to imagine it strewn with block towers and dump trucks full of Legos. This space is light, bright and ultra inviting.

Stikwood Style: Sand Stone

We talked to Lauren about how she was able to marry the coziness of fun-loving boyness with the calmness of a neutral color scheme and she had the best advice ever!

She said that when you’re designing a boy bedroom design, “first and foremost ask yourself how the space is going to be used and how it needs to function, let that lead the way. Think about who the space is intended for because sometimes in design it can be easy to let your preferences come into play, but always think about who the space is actually for. And finally, just don't overthink everything, be deliberate and if something isn't working it's not a big deal just re-assess!”

I love how freeing her advice is! Especially, when it comes to designing a cozy boy bedroom design for my kids. When Lauren designed this space, she chose materials that were easy to work with and could handle the activity level of two little boys. Hence, why she chose Stikwood for her focal wall. In one afternoon, she was able to get, “the wow factor it was lacking before,” she said, “in new home builds, a rustic wood wall is an easy way to add interest and personal style.”

Stikwood Style: Sand Stone

Lauren chose Stikwood for more than just its durability, she chose it because Stikwood provides modern and edgy styles that help create comfortable rooms. I like to think it’s the kind of comfort that provides the rest that active boys need in order to climb higher into the trees than they did the day before.

I can hear it already, “Mom, it’s not like I was gonna jump out of it or anything.”

The thing that warmed my heart more than anything else when it came to this simple bedroom design was when Lauren told us, “the boys love it, which makes me so happy that they have a room they want to spend time in.”

Who knew that something as simple as a rustic wood wall could invoke that much happiness?!

I think Lauren did. :)

Cheers! Carmen

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Lauren is a Canadian Home and Lifestyle interior stylist and content creator for the blog House of Hire. She has a passion for interiors and also loves sharing tips and tricks for around the home and her experiences in motherhood. Being a mom to two young, busy boys with another on the way she believes that you should love your home through every season of life.