Blogger Highlight: Minimalist Fir Wood Planks Enhance Boho Chic Style

Tina, an interior design blogger with an eclectic boho style, had an expansive wall in her living room that she had been struggling with for seven years. She tried painting it various colors, from a copper metallic to a neutral gray, but nothing helped the massive wall look as impressive as she wanted it to. Tina's goal was to create a focal wall that made people say, “wow,” as soon as they walked in the room.

After learning about Stikwood, Tina had an idea that involved our Minimalist Fir wood planks in a herringbone pattern. She thought that the soft pink undertone of the wood would complement the natural stone of the fireplace surround, while remaining neutral enough to be a backdrop for her vibrant decor style. She loved that the muted finish of the Minimalist Fir provided a light feel to the room, while still allowing the beauty of the wood grain to show through.

“It took us about 2 and a half days to complete this project, only because we had to stop several times to run our teen to and from school and football practice along with a few errands in between,” Tina said, “It's insanely easy to work with, absolutely beautiful AND a reclaimed product....what more can you ask for?!”

Tina kept the styling of the wall fairly simple. She added a few art pieces using command strips to avoid nail holes, since she tends to change her decor frequently. She also decorated the shelf indentations at the top of the wall, since the herringbone design carries the eye upward.

Tina says that she tends to find herself staring at how pretty the wall is, “The finished product was better than I imagined. And my husband and children could not get over the results! Not only did we completely DIY this project, but I am absolutely thrilled with the wall and the effect it gives our main living space.”

After seven years of trying to make a big impact using this wall as a focal point, Tina achieved her wow factor using Stikwood. She says, “Everyone loves it! I have so many people asking how we did it because they want to do it too.”

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Tina is an interior stylist and home decor/diy blogger. Her passion is sharing her colorful out of the box ideas mixed in with tips that explain how to achieve your own beautiful space. She’s also a mama to 4 kids, 3 of which she homeschools, and 4 canine kids so life is always crazy busy for her. Be sure to check her out at