Why Use Reclaimed Oak Planks in Your Home

Lea believes in making sure that her home is a space that’s as unique and full of personality as the people who live there. Rather than being matchy-matchy, she collects things that make her happy, including a brand new Golden Oak accent wall! Before I get to that, though, can I point out that her mid-century modern fireplace is the best?! She found it on Craigslist. Can you believe it?!

Back to this inspiring game room, though. It gives me all the feels! Especially those hygge ones, which is exactly what Lea set out to do.

Rather than a place to cozy up with your iPhone or tablet, she wanted to create a space to read a good book or play a friendly game of dominoes. A place to feel like home. Her inspiration? The Midwest.

Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, is surrounded by oak trees, which Lea says are a symbol of strength. It’s why she choseGolden Oak reclaimed wood planksfor her accent wall. She says, “Installing Stikwood in this space has created such a cozy and natural environment.”

Her Stikwood installation story, though, left me feeling so many things! When I asked her how it went she said, “My father has cancer, he was diagnosed almost two years ago and last year was a very tough year. My dad loves working with his hands and so when this [accent wall] project came up, I thought this would be easy enough for us to do together. Something that wouldn’t over exhaust him and that we could take our time doing. This wall of Stikwood isn’t just a wood wall. It’s a wall of memories that I will always have and can look back and say I did this with my dad.”

Lea, thank you for reminding us that Stikwood is so much more than just a wood wall. It’s a way to build memories that last.

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PS: Look at Lea’s dog!! So, so cute. You can check out more of Lea's room at her blog Creekwoodhill.com.