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Reclaimed Sierra Silver

$14 SQFT


4 Foot Lengths Fixed lengths are helpful when installing in a pattern such as herringbone or chevron.
Fire Treatment When Stikwood is ordered with Fire Treatment applied, the material achieves a class A fire protection and flame spread.
Splash Safe

Splash Safe is the ideal add-on when incorporating authentic materials in spaces such as bathrooms or backsplashes. This features commercial grade sealant applied to the front side of the planks for added durability.

Width Options:

Classic Mill upgrade from traditional 5˝ wide planks, to a mixture of 2", 3" & 5" wide planks.
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If you have any window or door openings in your space, call us and we'll help figure out your necessary square footage.

Invite a piece of the California coast into your home with our Sierra Silver peel and stick reclaimed wood planks!

Crafted from Coastal Redwood and Western Red Cedar that’s been sourced from around California and the Pacific Northwest, these rustic wood planks for walls, ceilings, doors (and more!), comes in 5-inch widths and varied lengths that range from 1-foot to 4-feet long. Our Classic Mill option comes in 2-inch, 3-inch and 5-inch widths.

The reclaimed wood wall that these peel and stick wood planks create will vary in color and texture. You can expect to see a range of colors from cinnamon red to a warm chocolate brown with bursts of a light silver color streaking through it.

Sierra Silver lends well to being paired with warm colors like burnt orange or red, as well as cooler ones like navy blue. For a clean, modern look pair it with neutrals such as creams, bright whites and stone grays.

No matter what style you're going for, whether it’s modern or rustic-charm, these Sierra Silver peel and stick reclaimed wood planks are sure to bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your space.


Product Specification Sheet  |  Care Guidelines

1'-4' (Varies)
Peel & Stik
Reclaimed Redwood


  • FSC® Certified

    FSC Certification ensures that our products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Look for FSC® certified, for products that meet these requirements.

  • SCS Certified

    Responsible stewardship of our natural resources is the foundation of our manufacturing process. SCS Global Services is a third- party certifier that conducts auditing, testing, certification and standards development.

  • LEED

    Made from reclaimed and sustainable wood sourced in the USA, some less than 100 miles from our facility. Stikwood will help you qualify 

  • Production Story

    All Stikwood products are made in the USA, crafted to retain their natural weathering and beauty while letting you feel comfortable knowing where your product comes from!

  • Lightweight ThinPlank Construction

    With Stikwood being only 3/16" thick, our ThinPlank construction requires up to 40% less weight per square foot, leading to a drastically reduced carbon footprint.

  • Virtually Waste Free

    Our manufacturing processes leave virtually no waste. We use the trim, the core and face of every piece of wood and even sending our sawdust to a biomass facility!

  • No VOCs

    We’re very sensitive to healthy space design. Our products contain no VOCs and all finishes are done either by nature, or in house.

  • Class A Fire Treatment

    Stikwood is available with a Class A fire treatment, built for the demands of a commercial environment.

  • Performance

    All Stikwood products are 100% real wood and are designed to take on the strength of the surface that it is applied to.

  • Commercial Performance

    All Stikwood products are 100% real wood and are designed to take on the strength of the surface that it is applied to. Peel and Stik for quick application in a commercial setting without impacting contractor schedules and with a minimal impact on flow of business.


Gather around our workbench and learn from our team how fun it is to transform your space into something you love.

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